Welcome to Mexico!

Welcome to Mexico!
By Victoria Schmidt

June 2020 Farewell
May 2020 Pandemic
April 2020 An Invasion of Lakeside
March 2020 Mexican Manners
February 2020 Changes
January 2020 Going Nowhere
December 2019 A Visit to the Beach
November 2019 Customer Service in Mexico
October 2019 Another Day in Mexico
September 2019 Living Space
August 2019 Getting the Most out of Mexico
July 2019 Changes
June 2019 Daily Conundrums
May 2019 Welcome to Mexico!
April 2019 Saving Time?
March 2019 Empty Tanks
February 2019 No room at the Inn
January 2019 Welcome to Mexico!
December 2018 Welcome to Mexico!
November 2018 Lakeside Goes Gree
October 2018 Dia de los Muertos
September 2018 Life and Death Along la Carretera
August 2018 Welcome to México!
July 2018 Things that crawl
June 2018 Interactions
May 2018 Vecinos
April 2018 Let’s do lunch!
March 2018 There but For The Grace of God Go I
February 2018 Welcome to Mexico!
January 2018 The Streets of Mexico
December 2017 Different Ways
November 2017 El Dia de Los Muertos
October 2017 Missing Mexico
September 2017 Mexican Plumbing
August 2017 The Help
(Re-Published by Request)
July 2017 Angels and Demons
April 2017 No Notice!
March 2017 He’s Bored!
February 2017 It Took a Village
January 2017 Afraid of Mexico?
December 2016 High Season
November 2016 Welcome to Mexico!
October 2016 Welcome to Mexico!
September 2016 Reflections
August 2016 Mexico’s Rainy Season
July 2016 Do you see?
May 2016 ¿Donde Esta?
April 2016 Embarrassment of Necessities
March 2016 Changes
February 2016 Orale!
January 2016 Riches Redefined
December 2015 December in Mexico
November 2015 Out Of The Mouths Of Babes
October 2015 Manners for Mexico
September 2015 It only leaks when it rains
August 2015 Welcome to Mexico
July 2015 Culture Clash
June 2015 Three Seasons

May 2015

How many farmacias?

April 2015

Vehicular Conundrums

March 2015

Technology Takes Over

February 2015

Mexican Time

January 2015

Reverse Culture Shock

December 2014 

Mexican Holidays 

November 2014 

A Visit to the Farmacia

October 2014

He Who Walks Along 

September 2014 

Sounds of Mexico

August 2014

Which Provider?

July 2014

Low Season

June 2014

License Plates

May 2014

The Real World

April 2014

Do you have the time?

March 2014

Why I Stay

February 2014

The Impossible Dream

January 2014


December 2013

Christmas in Mexico

October 2013

Answering My Door

August 2013


June 2013

I Shall Always Be A Gringa

May 2013

House Calls

April 2013

My Interpretation of Mexican Traffic Patterns

March 2013

A Trip to The Cancer Institute

February 2013

A Night on My Street

January 2013

A Land Beyond Time

December 2012


November 2012

Welcome to Mexico

October 2012

Medicine in Mexico

September 2012


August 2012


July 2012

If it bleeds it leads…

June 2012


May 2012

Travel Plans

April 2012

There’s got to be another way

March 2012

Maintaining Perspective

February 2012

Confessions of a Former Cook

January 2012

Mysteries of Mexico

December 2011

Going North?

November 2011

Cultural Differences

October 2011

What Makes a Restaurant?

September 2011

Mexican Architecture

August 2011

Things that crawl

July 2011

Labor by Hand

June 2011

Mexican Currency

May 2011

Be Prepared

April 2011 

El Diablo—The Clock from Hell

March 2011

Battle of the Bands

February 2011

Parking in Mexico

January 2011

Making a Difference

December 2010

CFE and Me

November 2010

Dying in Mexico

October 2010

Ex-pat Nation

September 2010

A Visit to a Farmacia

August 2010

Maid Self-Defense

July 2010


June 2010

The rains, they will come

May 2010

Sounds of a Mexican Village

April 2010

A Rescue in Mexico

March 2010

Body Damage

February 2010

Watch Your Step

January 2010


December 2009

Business Hours

November 2009

Street Dogs

October 2009

Shopping in Mexico

September 2009

Missing Mary

August 2009

The Streets of Chapala

July 2009

Life Under the Mango Tree

June 2009

Lessons Learned

May 2009

Violence in Mexico…News at 11

April 2009

Mañana is good enough for me

March 2009

Appointment Please

February 2009

“Aren’t They Cold?”

January 2009

Dial and Smile

December 2008

No Hablo Español

November 2008

Getting the Most Out of Your Insurance

October 2008

Welcome to Mexico!

September 2008

You’re Moving Where?!

August 2008

Welcome to Mexico!

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