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The Ojo Internet Mailbox

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Fran Brown

Hi Neil,

Thanks for the chuckles. In retrospect, I’ve decided not to enter neither an anti nor a pro-pissing contest, due to, an aging bladder urgently heading towards malfunction. Bugs are really out to lunch. However; skydiving has always been a fear. I’ve been told one should try to overcome one’s fears. Should that be a an aye or nay??¿¿??


Bill Ross

It gave me flashbacks. Someone should have told me I didn’t need to memorize every report card I got in primary & secondary school. I can still recite them all, because they were all the same – “If Bill only applied himself he could do so much better.” Better than a spouse, a house, 3 kids (grown), 2 cars, 1 motorcycle & a Judy McKinnon original work of art on the wall? I did OK.


Geraldine Ethen

Herb, This is a wonderful story, one worth sharing. It’s a part of the story of the Mexican revolution that I have never heard before. You told Leona’s story very well.


Herbie, I really enjoyed reading about this courageous woman, and it had a wonderful ending. She was very lucky to stay alive.


Margaret Larson

For a long time, I felt that we did not need term limits in Congress because they seemed redundant – vote someone out of office if they don’t deserve to be there. But I believe that the US voters have abdicated their responsibility in civic life as it pertains to our democracy, for many reasons (lack of educational focus, laziness, rewarding the miscreant news media with our attention, fear). So I relent: an important step in the right direction would be to now have term limits. This would disable the entrenched power structures that are clearly bought and paid for by big military and finance. It would limit the power of the lobbying firms – the go-to place for retiring Congress persons, where they make millions by further selling us out. We are at each others’ throats out of frustration that our nation’s leaders are no longer serving the American people. Let’s march on D.C. and insist on it! Time for Congressional term limits, even if the ‘good’ babies are tossed with the dirty water.

Bob Brandson

I applaud Margaret Larson’s comments. The government of the supposed “leader of the free world” has been chained by special interests to the point where the will of the people is squelched so severely that lunacy runs rampant. Case in point? How could any sane nation not realize that allowing the ongoing murder of its citizens by deeply troubled individuals who still have legal access to weapons designed to kill as many living beings as possible in as little time as possible, is sheer madness? And yet elected officials continue to be petrified of the lucre laden NRA lobbyists and always will be without term limitations….. or some sudden plague of sanity in D.C.
Methinks Mr. Smith needs to return to Washington.


Herbert W. Piekow

Morgan, this is a well researched and written article. Thank you for breaking these historic facts into a fifty year time frame and containing so much history in so few words. CONGRATULATIONS

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