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A Liberated Space

Ecstatic Dance blossoms in Ajijic My inner dancer yearned to break free. I had spent years on the sidelines, waiting...

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The Haircut

He clicked the scissors twice. On the first click, my stomach clinched, but on the second, I felt something break—like...

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The Toad Kiss

I look out on the street and see no one playing in the barrio. So, I decide to take the...

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You Can Bank On It

Although I live full-time in Mexico, I return to my home in Orange, California, every six months to stock up...

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Lakeside Living

The Lake Chapala Society – Open Circle 

June 4, 2023 – Presentation by Donn Rochlin: Dealing with Chronic Pain

Composer, Pianist, Creativity Consultant Donn Rochlin, will be sharing his personal journey from decades of Chronic back, shoulder neck and foot pain, to recovery without, surgery, medications, therapy, exercises or any physical intervention, and how others can do the same. In addition he will be weaving in a several of his piano compositions throughout the presentation.

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Donn Rochlin


Chapala Pier Market

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