Don Beaudreau

Don Beaudreau is a member of the Ajijic Writers Group, and has published 10 books, including Playbook for the 21st Century (A Guide to Practical Spirituality for Free Thinkers).

Don Beaudreau

Your Gay Granddaddy Tells The Family Secrets

My mother always outdid the other mothers in our 1950’s Washington, D.C. middle-class neighborhood. Especially in preparing extravagant meals for the chosen ones invited to our house by my father, your great granddaddy, the criminal. Being the 1950’s housewife, your great-grandmamma agreed with his decision and did all the work. So the chosen ones enjoyed …

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Marlboro Men

Who can forget the advertising icon of the strong, viril cowboy who roped horses, and smoked Marlboro cigarettes? Billboards populated the country, and men emulated Marlboro men and took to smoking. Don remembers his father, and other men who died along with the advertising campaign. But they were victims of smoking, dying of cancer.