David Ellison

An Ohio native (but he escaped!), David Ellison was an educator (teacher, teacher-trainer, administrator) in the San Francisco Bay Area for 36 years, and wrote an education column in the local newspaper for 18 of them. He taught mostly middle-school English and history. Two years ago, he retired and moved with his husband to west Ajijic where he enjoys reading, writing, and hiking.

David Ellison

Streets of Mexico – March 2023

Octavio Paz and Carlos Fuentes For half a century after La Revolución (1910-1917), two writers dominated Mexican literature. Octavio Paz became the preeminent poet, and Carlos Fuentes the outstanding novelist. The two were close friends, exchanging more than a thousand letters, but were eventually estranged. Paz wrote, “A flower without a stem is beauty waiting …

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Streets of Mexico – September 2022

La Princesa Purépecha Eréndira, whose name means “Smiling Morning,” was a 17-year old princess of the Purépecha people, Natives who lived in the current Mexican state of Michoacán at the time of the Spanish conquest. Eréndira’s father, King Tangaxoán II, and her fiancé, the commander of all Purépecha armies, both overawed by the Spaniards’ conquest …

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