If Our Pets Could Talk

If Our Pets Could Talk
By Jackie Kellum

September 2011 Of Faith And Fables
August 2011 It’s A Dog Thing
July 2011 Finding Meaning And Purpose For Our Lives
June 2011 Here I Raise Mine Ebenezer, Hither By Thy Help I’m Come
May 2011 Garbage Truck
April 2011 Trust In Whom? Trust In What?
March 2011 The Power Of A Gratitude Journal
February 2011 Of Faith And Fables
January 2011 An Attitude Of Gratitude Coupled With Grace
December 2010 A Matter Of Perseverance
November 2010 The Connection Between God And Dog
October 2010 Accentuating The Positive – A Cancer Survivor
September 2010 Turn Strong To Meet The Day
August 2010 You Have A Choice –Better Or Bitter
July 2010 Where Do I Go?
June 2010 It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood
May 2010 Oh, It’s Hard To Be Humble
April 2010 Becoming A Possibilitarian
March 2010 Becoming A Possibilitarian
February 2010 Choosing What We Believe
January 2010 Otra Dia Otra Aventura- Shalom!
December 2009 The Power Of Appreciation
November 2009 Just What The Doctor Ordered!
October 2009 Lessons From Chickens
September 2009 When On Board The Ship Of Faith
August 2009 Seven God-Given Basic Needs Of Man
June 2009 The Third Phase Of Our Lives
May 2009 Lord, Prop Us Up On Our Leanin’ Side
April 2009 The Triple Filter Test
March 2009 The Ultimate Measure
February 2009 Pairing Food With Wine (First Part)
Jackie Kellum

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