Joyful Musings

Joyful Musings
By Joy Birnbach Dunstan, MA, LPC, MAC

November 2013

New Adventures Ahead

August 2013

You Better Believe It!

June 2013

Restoring Body, Mind, and Spirit

May 2013

I’ll Do It Mañana

April 2013

Living Apart Together

March 2013

Help, I Need Somebody

February 2013

Keeping the Love Lights Glowing

January 2013

Progress Not Perfection

December 2012

The Sixth Sense

November 2012

Alcohol is Not an Equal Opportunity Beverage

October 2012

Facing Our Fears

September 2012

No Need to Get Old!

August 2012

How Many Nails Are in Your Fence?

July 2012

The SMART Road to Recovery

June 2012

Speak Up – I Can’t Hear You!

May 2012

No Regrets

April 2012

Good-byes Are Never Easy

March 2012

Love Isn’t Always Enough

February 2012

Good Sex is Good for You!

January 2012

Strengthening the Ties that Bind

December 2011

Money and Marriage

November 2011

Take Time to Say Thanks

October 2011

How Can I Help?

September 2011

Stolen Goods

August 2011

What Was Your Name Again?

July 2011

The Times They Are A’Changin’

June 2011

The Devil’s Radio

May 2011

What’s the Big Deal? It’s Just a Dog…

April 2011

New Horizons

March 2011

Toltec Wisdom

February 2011

The Gift of Friendship

January 2011

The Donkey and the Farmer

December 2010

How Sweet It Is!

November 2010

Eat to Live or Live to Eat?

October 2010

Understanding Depression

September 2010

Managing From the Heart

August 2010

Shopping and the Pursuit of Happiness

July 2010

Different Strokes

June 2010

Living Life on Purpose

May 2010

The Eternal Maternal Legacy

April 2010

Tapping Into Wellness With EFT

March 2010

I’m OK. Are You OK?

February 2010

The Chemistry of Love

January 2010

Growing Up Again

Decmber 2009

Paths of Empowerment

November 2009

An Attitude of Gratitude

October 2009

One Breath at a Time

September 2009

The Magic of Friendship

August 2009

Bring Back That Lovin’ Feeling

July 2009

Wouldn’t a Do-Over Be Nice?

June 2009

Dangerous Liaisons

April 2009

Letting Go

March 2009

Mastering Your Own Life

February 2009

Surviving the Curve Balls of Life

January 2009

Emotional Safety in Troubled Times

December 2008

Your Spiritual Self

November 2008

WRITE-ON! More Ideas for Self-Discovery

October 2008

The Write Way To Clarity

September 2008

Men And Women: There Is A Difference!

August 2008

Our Aging Brains


Are You Angry?

June 2008

Rolling With the Punches

May 2008

Listening From The Heart

April 2008

That’s Not Fair!

March 2008

Beware the Four Horsemen

February 2008

Are You Lonesome Tonight?

January 2008

New You for the New Year

December 2007

When a Little Becomes Too Much

November 2007

There’s No Place Like Home

October 2007

Is Good Enough Good Enough for You?

August 2007

One Man’s Heaven…

July 2007

Happy Interdependence Day

June 2007

Restore, Replenish, Rejuvenate

May 2007

Mother’s Day: Day of Delight

April 2007

My Dusty Heart

March 2007

Wheelin’ and Dealin’ the Craigslist Way

February 2007

The Reluctant Repatriate

November 2006

A Tearful Goodbye

October 2006

What is Psychotherapy Anyway?

September 2006

Attitude is Everything

August 2006

Don’t Should On Yourself

July 2006

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream…

June 2006

Learning to Love

May 2006

Making the Most of Change

April 2006

The Four Agreements Go to Guadalajara

March 2006

The Four Agreements

February 2006

Making Relationships Add Up Right

January 2006

Getting To Know You

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