Hearts at Work


Hearts at Work
By Jim Tipton


July 2016

The Muse At Eighty

April 2016 The Only Prayer Remaining
March 2016 Being Grace Full
February 2016 Taking a Stand in the Moment
January 2016 The Corner Grocery
December 2015 “…more than just a physical adventure.”
November 2015 Bummer about your old man!
October 2015 Everything’s just a dear old grandpa.
September 2015 Hearts at Work
June 2015 A Rag Doll in the Wilderness

May 2015

“To Be a Fool”

April 2015


March 2015

“The best thing you can do with your lips….”

February 2015 

What Country is the Happiest? 

January 2015

“Attention! Attention!”

December 2014

“Charmed back to a forgotten World”

November 2014 

“Hug somebody today, somebody along life’s way….”

October 2014

“Those Bullies We Still Carry”

September 2014

“A Test”

August 2014

“Every day takes figgering out all over again….”

July 2014

If you change your perception you change your world.

June 2014

Kissing Can Slow the Aging Proces

May 2014

“The simplicity of the everlasting truth”

April 2014

“To Become a Fool”

March 2014

Becoming Real

February 2014

The Impossible Dream

January 2014

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted….”

December 2013

I want you to faint

September 2013

“The Last Generation”

July 2013

“Count Your Blessings”

May 2013

“Not so long ago….”

April 2013

“The Path of No More Learning”

March 2013

“The Golden Key”

February 2013

The 7 Day Mental Diet

January 2013

“Amazing Grace”

December 2012

“…the geography of hope”

November 2012

“The Greater Ajijic Anxiety Festival”

October 2012

Insist on yourself; never imitate.

September 2012

“This is the only moment that one can live….”

August 2012

“This is the way of peace.”

July 2012

“To the time left she will show no mercy.”

June 2012

“…rediscovering the inexhaustible here, the remorseless now.”

May 2012

“This longing to be beautiful….”

April 2012

“Eat Me If You Wish”

March 2012

“Complete in Itself”

February 2012

“Making Love with Form or Spirit”

January 2012

“On Loving-Kindness”

December 2011

The Rascal Sage

November 2011

“The Golden Key”

October 2011

 “Ah so….”

September 2011

“…the people most important to you”

August 2011

“The Tea Horse Road”

July 2011

“…in respect to fellowship….”

June 2011

“…this is the best season of your life.”

May 2011

“If you love someone….”

April 2011

Hearts at Work

March 2011

“You’re still carrying yours.”

February 2011

“…it is still a beautiful world.”

January 2011

“Prosperity…some lists for the New Year”

December 2010


November 2010

“You May Say that I’m a Dreamer”

October 2010

“Servicio Postal Mexicano celebrates Mexico”

September 2010

“O Brave New World”

August 2010

“Living (and Loving) to Age 100”

July 2010

“Mussolini and Family”

June 2010

“The Seven-Day Mental Diet”

May 2010

“Dahlings, I was wonderful!”

April 2010

“…human, lovely, and sufficient unto itself.”

March 2010

“…doing little things for the love of God.”

February 2010

“A Test”

January 2010

“Still alive at the end of the journey.”

December 2009

“Why not wake up this very moment?”

November 2009

“We are disturbed not by what happens to us,
but by our thoughts about what happens.”

October 2009

“The shortest distance between two people is a smile”

September 2009

“When the Rapture comes, can I have your car?”

August 2009

“You cannot “kill time without injuring eternity….”
–Henry David Thoreau

July 2009

The years thunder by, the dreams of our youth grow dim….

June 2009

Can You Walk a 1000 Miles?

May 2009


April 2009

It’s all happened before

March 2009

First Communion

February 2009

The Most Perishable Substance on Earth

January 2009

The things that will destroy us…

December 2008

Throw the Bums Out

November 2008

All the Horses of Heaven

October 2008

Life on Planet Earth

September 2008

Queen Rania of Jordan

August 2008

The Time of Your Life

July 2008

Richard Wright, Centennial of his Birth

June 2008

Irena Sendler

May 2008

Nineteen Blessings

April 2008

…it is still a beautiful world.

March 2008

You’re still carrying yours

February 2008

Certified Master Kisser

January 2008

“You need kissing bad and by somebody who knows how.”

December 2007

Hugging—It’s Good for the Heart

November 2007

Just How Much is a Billion Dollars Anyway?

October 2007

Lists to Live By

September 2007

“Lillie Langtry’s Leg”

August 2007

“Elegance: A Forgotten World”

July 2007

“Life is what happens while you’re planning for something else.”

June 2007

Becoming a Centenarian

May 2007

Sex and Money

April 2007

Inventing the Reality of the World

March 2007

Wholly To Be a Fool

February 2007

Hearing Loss and Communication

January 2007

Don’t…don’t…get caught up in things

December 2006


November 2006

“Becoming Real”

October 2006

The Impossible Dream

September 2006

The Thirteen Virtues

August 2006

The Last Generation

July 2006

Josie and Me

June 2006

A New Column by Jim Tipton

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