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The Ojo Internet Mailbox

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Gabrielle Blair

I found this article interesting and well written. It was known that the husband and wife Ceausescu team were a pair of monsters, but the details of their crimes are not common knowledge.


Gabrielle Blair

Margaret van Every is masterful in her ability to review a book. She gives away just enough of the plot to wet one’s appetite and through her own clear descriptive powers and critical ability, makes me trust her opinion and in this case, makes me want to read Rambles’ book.


Herbert W. Piekow

Dr. Swinehart, what a well written and informative article. Every year I recall what we learned in Catholic school, so very long ago, Christ´s birthdate was arbitrary and was most likely in March, but the Church selected December 25th to coincide with the end of the Roman festival and also because Christ´s death coincided with Passover, which is also in the spring and therefore His birth should be celebrated earlier. I always enjoy your writing and often learn something both interesting and new. With appreciation and thanks. Happy New Year!


Ed Pankowski

A Nite I shall NEVER forget …. The Sioux Medicine Men had some good stuff in those pipes! Red Dig invited me to share his meal …..but I picked the wrong item on tray … Execution soon followed by DOC rule of no attorney/ condemned man “ Last Suppers “…. So I was the 1st & last



Having just arrived here after spending three months in Bucharest, we found your article most interesting. It was while we were there that the people took to the streets in protest resulting in the current government leaders stepping down and new ones taking place. All this undertaken peacefully with no looting or littering! We will be returning for two months again in April and touring a bit around Europe before coming back to Ajijic. Coffee in order?

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