Anita’s Animals – January 2016

Anita’s Animals

By Jackie Kellum


Anita Aug12Let’s start this New Year with a positive action! Buy and put a collar with an ID tag on your dog. Have him wear it all the time. This last year reading most postings of lost dogs has been sad   and quite honestly frustrating. The majority of the posts indicated that the lost dog did not have a collar /ID tags on at that time. Why not? We  never ‘plan’  for our dog to get out and get lost, “he never did it before” – but it happens. Get a collar and ID tag. It’s an easy and inexpensive thing to do. Assist those who you are asking to help you find your dog, by having a collar / ID on your dog.

Another  repeat occurrence is  learning about  pets left behind when their owner has died or become incapacitated. This requires  others to scramble to deal with this emergency situation. There is a simple and easy solution. Make your wishes known by going to Anita’s Animals website, and click on the tab called Pet Godparents. When you click on this tab a form comes up that you can complete on-line, print out and post in a prominent place in your  house, like a kitchen cabinet. Plan ahead. Make it easier on your pets and those who will have to take care of your family pet when you cannot do it.

Anita has been doing cat and dog rescue in this area for over twenty years. Through these years she has become familiar with many Mexican families, including those with several generations in the home. With this familiarity, she knows who will take good care of their new family pet. Once,  such a family who lives on the other side of the lake visited her on a Sunday. They had adopted a family dog from Anita over ten years ago. Sadly this dog had just recently died. They came to Anita to find another family dog. The members of the family consisted of a grandfather, his son and an eight-year-old grandson. The son was encouraging his father to select a younger dog. The grandfather spent some time looking at all the dogs  to see which one he wanted. The grandfather saw  the one. It was an older German Sheppard. A conversation occurred between the grandfather and son about the choice. The grandfather prevailed. He said to his son, referring to his selection, “He walks slow. I walk slow. We will walk slow together.” The new family member jumped up into their truck with the son, the grandfather and the grandson. Off they went  to start a new life together.  

For those who have family pets, you know about the ever increasing cost of pet food on our budgets. Effective in 2015 a 16% tax was added to the cost. Imagine  your monthly pet food bill, and then imagine this. Each month Anita needs to buy 230 kilos /  507 pounds  of dry dog food,  and 135 kilos/ 297 pounds  of dry cat food, for  her twice a day feedings. This dry food is supplemented with canned pet food or fresh meat. This amount and the need increases when Anita has pregnant  and  nursing mothers  and when we are in “kitten and puppy season.”   Please consider sponsoring an animal for a week  by making  a donation of  food or offering a cash donation. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.  Anita is at the Ajijic Wednesday tianguis  each week, and a PayPal donation can be made on her website.



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