Letters to the Editor – February 2017

LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

I would like to take issue with two items in your last (Jan.) edition. When the founding fathers wrote the documents on which our nation is founded, they did not anticipate extremists carrying bombs into airports. (At least I don’t think they did.)  So when they wrote. “Congress shall not abridge the right of free speech” they were not endorsing someone walking into an airport and exercising his/her right of free speech by screaming “BOMB!”   So maybe the idea of free speech needs to be modified ever so slightly.  If you still maintain your belief in free speech, I assume I will see this article in next month’s issue.  And I would ask that you further show your belief by yelling “BOMB!” next time you’re in Guadalajara airport.  Or better yet, wait until you’re airborne.

As for the article by Bill Frayer, I found most of what he said accurate except perhaps for some of the observations of media coverage.  Mr. Trump, make that President-elect Trump, did get a lot of press coverage, but most of it was negative in tone.  “Slanted,” I believe you media people used to call it.  Perhaps Fox News and social media were the counter balances for mainstream media.

One thing Mr. Frayer failed to mention was “Drain the Swamp.”  By all estimations, including the Trump camp, all was lost until this last Slogan came out.  Neither “Build a Wall”, “Crooked Hillary” or any of the other slogans gave the President-elect the win.  “Drain the Swamp” is a reflection of the attitude of most working class deplorables who are dissatisfied with career politicians who are supposed to be public servants but are instead self servants.  Need I point to anything more than Obamacare which the politicians touted as the greatest thing since sliced bread and then immediately exempted themselves from it?

And maybe one more thing.  The political rookies outsmarted the career politicians. The Trump campaign played by the rules. The ones that say whichever candidate gets the most ELECTORIAL votes wins the election.  So the Trump camp gave up California, where all those people were going to leave the country or kill themselves (still waiting) as well as Clinton’s home state of New York and sought to win by getting the most electoral votes like the rules say. So while Hillary won the two most populous states and the popular vote, she lost the electoral vote which the rules say determine the winner.

Other than those two things, I thought it was a fine article.


Gene Raymer

Our Editor Replies:

I will wait for Mr. Frayer to defend, if he cares to, his latest column. As for my own, so-called freedom of the press/free speech does have its limits, many of which were defined by a famous Supreme Court ruling that set an example for such exemptions when it ruled that the right did not include “Yelling (without cause) FIRE in a crowded theater.” May I suggest that mere common sense should guide our exercise of such free speech.


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