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The world is violent and mercurial – it will have it’s way with you. We are saved only by love – love for each other and the love we pour into the art we feel compelled to share: being a parent; being a writer; being a painter; being a friend.”

Tennessee Williams

When I have to go out, I drive around Lakeside, fogging up my glasses as I breath through my mask, dashing to as few stops as possible, passing closed doors of our music venues, restaurants, theaters, bars and nightclubs and it makes me profoundly sad. Sad for the thousands of our friends and neighbors struggling with closed businesses and lack of work.

Then I see faces, smiling at me through their eyes-their mouths covered with masks, small shrugs as we all pragmatically acknowledge, this is part of life and we will get through this seemingly never-ending crisis together.

At my deadline, we are going into our third month of quarantine/lockdown. For all of us who are sheltering at home, with families, with a partner, or alone, from us at Lakeside Living and all of our many artists, actors, directors, producers, writers, musicians, chefs, cooks and servers who make living Lakeside so wonderful, stay strong and take good care. We will be back with gusto! CDB

Our popular Open Circle presentations have been suspended, here is their usual inclusion in Lakeside Living for your information:

“The Lake Chapala Society hosts Open Circle every Sunday at 10AM, a popular community gathering in Ajijic every Sunday morning to enjoy a diverse range of presentations.”

For more information see their website:

Until we can assure the safety of our audience, Open Circle is continuing to suspend Sunday morning live presentations in the LCS patio. In the meantime we invite you to enjoy favorites from 2019 via our YouTube video channel, available through The following are blurbs in no particular order for what’s up in the month of June. In addition, you can access Todd Stong’s written report on Lake Chapala and the Surrounding Communities, Part II Children’s Kidney Disease in the Lakeside Villages.

 The Rise and Fall of a Foreign Retirement Community in Mexico

Presented by David Truly

Mexico has a long history as a popular destination for often eccentric foreign retirees and expats. Recent changes in the socio-political climate and the influx of aging Baby Boomers, however, have resulted in a migration trend that has exerted significant pressures on both the natural and socio-cultural fabric of some retirement destinations. Private and public agencies now aggressively promote retirement migration to enhance Mexico’s tourism development initiatives. Dr. Truly offers an overview of recent studies that reflect some of these changes in the Lake Chapala area and the role of the foreign and Mexican communities in this transformation. A brief review of tourism and retirement research will shed light on the unique nature of this community and its fragile existence. 

Ken CorbinKen Corbin

David Truly has a PhD in Geography and has studied retirement migration to Mexico since 1997. Formerly a professor at Central Connecticut State University, he has taught at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara and has conducted numerous studies on Senior housing and health care throughout Mexico. He is currently living in Austin, Texas.

BOOM! The Next 10 Years!

Presented by Ken Corbin

Ken Corbin will discuss the exciting trends on the horizon including how:

artificial intelligence will DRIVE our personal experience

live interaction will EMBRACE social media

Generation Z will outnumber Millennials and become THE generation

Ajijic resident Ken Corbin averages 30 weeks a year traveling throughout North America and Europe. A 3-time recipient of Professional Speaker of the Year Award, he’s addressed over 2,000 organizations. Ken has an MBA from the University of Michigan and is a former advisory consultant to The American Graduate School of International Management. He’s on the board of trustees of Habitat for Humanity and is a Certified Management Consultant. Author of eight books on sales growth and personal and business management, his newest audio book is Selling the American Dream of Home Ownership.

Mexican Grace

Presented by Open Circle Audience Members

In honor of Mexican Independence Day, Open Circle presented a special tribute to Mexico and its people last September. For this presentation, some of our audience members shared their personal Moment of Mexican Grace. Open Circle offers this program as a thank you to this country for the generous embrace that has welcomed us. We are grateful for all our host country has given us: its music, art, healing, and all the riches that a culture with heart can offer.

The rings in the water

expand to all shores.

In the unfolding wake

we are reminded of 

how our lives are enriched 

Breaking Children out of the Cycle of Poverty

Presented by Rich Clucas

Located in Compton, an impoverished, crime-infested area of Southern California, Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum (TAM) uses airplanes to help children avoid gangs and escape poverty. Children as young as seven are taken for a flight and given the controls of an airplane. The shock of having flown an airplane–something so far from their concept of what is possible – they begin to understand that they can be or do anything. Using consistent messaging and targeted mentoring, the program guides, motivates and inspires the students. TAM participants excel in school, become doctors, gourmet chefs and airline pilots. The lessons from TAM can be applied to students anywhere to help them achieve their dreams. 

Clucas spent 40 years in marketing communications, advertising and public relations. He holds a Masters degree in Communications and a Masters and PhD in Education.

After Naked Stage closed (Lakeside’s reader’s theatre for 10 years), Artistic Director, Roseann Wilshere and the committee of Bare Stage Theatre, stepped up to fill this gap. For the last year and a half, we have run a very successful little operation in our Riberas del Pilar location.

bare stage logo


It was fortunate for us at Bare Stage Theatre that the community had so enjoyed this form of entertainment previously, that they flocked to our performances. And thanks to a mix of popular comedies with occasional classical drama pieces thrown in, shows began to sell out. First it was the Sunday performances and more recently, both Friday and Saturday afternoons were selling out as well.

In normal times, Bare Stage Theatre performed on the last full weekend of the month on Friday, Saturday and Sundays at 4 pm. The quality of the performances for our small community theatre had been phenomenal and ‘the talk of the town’ before we were forced to close when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit.

We miss our audience and we miss being creative so…we have begun to plan “play readings” online for free for our patrons from now until the quarantine is over. Of course, we must still pay rent and know that things are going to be hard but we feel the need to reach out to our fans and let them know that we’ve not forgotten about them and their need to be entertained. Thanks to the Zoom format, our “Coming Soon”, venue will be our Bare Stage Theatre Mexico FB page,

For play schedules, please ‘Like, Follow & Share’ our Facebook Page and we’re here to address any questions – send us an email at Our final wish is that all of you stay safe and healthy and we hope to see all of you again soon.

Andrew McKechnie is long time bass player and is currently sharing his talents at some of the Open Mic events, and with Mike and The Suspects.

Andrew McKechnieAndrew McKechnie


Ah… the arts along Lake Chapala. When one takes the time to really look at all the talent here at Lakeside, we can truly say “there is something for everyone”.

Today, let’s have a look-see at the musical talent that many of us enjoy. From Mariachi, Karaoke, Open Mics, Country, Rock, Blues, Dance Groups, or single talents, we are truly blessed. But, for a moment, let’s step back and look at how the musical folks dedicate their lives for our musical entertainment. Being a musician is truly a gift. Along with that gift is a commitment to thousands of hours (many years) learning the musical craft. And let’s not forget the constant upkeep, upgrading of instruments and equipment.

Many of our talented players here at Lake Side are Full-Time musicians and rely on bookings to earn a living. How they earn that living comes in different forms. There are many venues between Chapala and Ajijic that hire bands for an evening show. Depending on the time of year, venue, and genre of music. Venues may have a cover-charge that helps draw a solid caliber of players (ya get what ya pay for). Now, you must understand, musicians spend an incredible amount of time practicing, picking songs, and many many hours learning and rehearsing to get it right so a good show is there for your listening and dancing pleasure. Once the gig is booked, there are many hours beforehand setting up and doing a “sound check” LONG BEFORE the first person comes into the venue. And after a GREAT show performed for you, there are more hours spent breaking down, packing, and going home LONG AFTER you’ve gone home. And for the artists that are perhaps a single act or duo, they may travel from place to place during the day or early evening. The difference for these good folk is that they rely solely on your generosity by way of a Propina (TIP) for their efforts. So, if it’s a cover charge or a nice TIP, please take a moment to reflect and appreciate the efforts that the musicians put into their talent to bring some musical joy into your day. As it is said “music is a universal language”.

Listen, smile, dance and enjoy. And PLEASE, do offer something to recognize their talent, time, and efforts.


Mike and the Suspects

Mike and the Suspects: l to r, Chris Cuevas-Guitar and Vocals, Rod Struss-Drums and Humor, Andrew McKechnie, Mike Fortier (seated)-Vocals. Missing from photo-Daniel Cordero-Keys and Vocals.

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