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Letter to the Editor

mail-box-full-colorDear Sir:

          Paul Jackson— you would dare to compare “W” to Truman? What have you been smoking? On July 26, 1948, Truman issued a then controversial executive order that called for equal treatment for all persons in the armed services, without regard to race, color, religion or national origin. For all practical purposes, Truman had a near zero approval rating in the South and the Border States. Truman kept us out of a war with China by firing MacArthur. That was also very unpopular move. The Marshall Plan would be DOA in today’s Republican-controlled House.

Truman had integrity. ”W” had Cheney. The sign in the Oval Office went from, “The Buck Stops Here,” to “Blame the CIA.” You said, “Bush was a president of prescience and courage.” Bush was the opposite of prescience. If he had prescience, 9-11 would not have surprised him. His hindsight was not very accurate either.

Again, Paul, you prove Bush’s lack of world knowledge. “Bush believed if democracy could be achieved in just one Muslim country in the Middle East…” Has Bush never heard of Turkey? Turkey is a republican parliamentary democracy, just like Canada. Turkey is 98% Muslim. The US Congress is 3.14% women. In Turkey, Parliament is 14.2% women. As in the US, religion is the greatest enemy of women.

Iraq and Afghanistan will not be democracies in my or your lifetime. Two elections do not make a democracy. If you use elections as an indicator of a democracy, then Cuba is a democracy. All of the current revolts in the Moslem Countries have absolutely nothing to do with Bush.

Egypt has a high unemployment rate. It has a very high income disparity between the haves and have-nots. This is a problem throughout the Middle East, Russia, Iran and the USA. That is why there is massive unrest.

Gary North said, “The American political system has been soft-core fascist for almost a century. Liberals love to call conservatives fascists. The problem is, the liberals are right. Everyone who believes in the efficiency of the so-called government-business alliance is a fascist.” I remember the fascist mantra of the eighties, “Trickle Down Economics.”

Clark Clifford called Reagan “an amiable dunce.” I suggest http://iclast.net/Articles/rReagan.html for a list of his evil acts and few accomplishments. The only reason the US won the Cold War was the fact that we out-borrowed the USSR. When Reagan came up with his plan of borrowing the US out of debt, I wondered why I voted for such a dunce. He, very effectively, accused the opposition of being “tax and spend Democrats.” We now have a huge national debt caused by the “borrow and spend Republicans.”

The AIDS initiative in Africa, which you credit to Bush, was started by that demon, liberal Bill Clinton. Bush only increased funding because of his friends at the Log Cabin Republicans. Reagan biographer Edmund Morris quotes Reagan as saying, “Maybe the Lord brought down this plague (AIDS)…because illicit sex is against the Ten Commandments.” George W Bush is against homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and homosexuals in the Army.

“W” was one of the most vindictive presidents since Nixon. He was elected because Clinton received oral sex. He was reelected because of Osama bin Laden. He fired a general for reporting to Congress that Iraq could cost $200 billion. He exposed a covert CIA agent to the terrorists, because her husband correctly reported that Iraq was not buying yellow cake uranium.

Bush bragged about committing war crimes. He ordered the torturing of P.O.W.s. A war criminal may be your hero. He is not mine!

Hank Shiver


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