July 2013

Editor’s Page – July 2013

Editor’s Page By Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez EDGAR CAYCE—America’s Sleeping Prophet   In 1910, the New York Times called Edgar Cayce “America’s Most Mysterious Man”; after his death in 1945, JAMA, the highly-esteemed Journal of the American Medical Association, called Cayce “the father of holistic medicine.” What happened in between those years is one of the most […]

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DEAR PORTIA —Advice to the Lovelorn, the Overfed and The Deeply Disgruntled   Dear Portia: After years of widowhood, I have finally found a nice man here at Lakeside who has asked me to marry him. Like me, he has been living alone, and wants a sympathetic companion for whatever time is left to him.



ACCIDENT By Zofia Barisas   She’s driving home. Her small son sleeps next to her, strapped in his child’s chair. It’s nighttime. Cars are flowing in both directions in strings of weeping lights. A car overtakes from the right, fishtails across her path, jumps across the median and plows into an oncoming car. She pulls

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