September 2013

Editor’s Page

Editor’s Page Guest Editorial by David Pisarra(Reprinted by permission of the Santa Monica (Ca.)Daily Press.) Immigration Insanity   Illegal immigrant. It’s an emotionally packed phrase. My entire life I’ve heard derogatory terms for people who cross our borders in the dead of night, or sneak in with less than official papers. Many of them come […]

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THE AMERICAN SCHOOL: The Scholastic “Pearl of the West”

THE AMERICAN SCHOOL: The Scholastic “Pearl of the West” By Sofia Benitez   You wouldn’t guess it from looking at its weathered stone walls, but there’s a haven of learning inside this one city block enclosure in Colonia Providencia. Buoyant with the exuberant nature that characterizes the city, The American School Foundation of Guadalajara, A.C.

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DEAR PORTIA —Advice to the Lovelorn, the Overfed andThe Deeply Disgruntled   (Ed. Note: The Portia column has become one of our publication´s most controversial. Some people despise it, others are vastly amused. A few folks—including “Portia” herself—think she is sadly misunderstood. Hence, hoping to discover this acerbic lady’s more compassionate side, we elicited her


Uncommon Common Sense – September 2013

Uncommon Common Sense By Bill Frayer Teach Our Children to Think   As I observe our contemporary problems, I am struck by how many people make poor or uninformed decisions. They make disastrous financial decisions which have long-term, painful consequences. They eat foods which make them obese and ill. They are duped by unscrupulous

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IMPRINTS Guadalajara’s Antique Market

IMPRINTSGuadalajara’s Antique Market By Antonio Rambles AKA Tony Passarello   Antique markets afford a window into the lives of each treasure’s original owner, and Guadalajara’s antique flea market is loaded with artifacts that look like they once graced the drawing rooms of the gentrified west side neighborhoods built around the turn of the 20th century. Held

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