April 2019

Editor’s Page – April 2019

Editor’s Page Guest EditorialBy Greg Custer   Mexico’s new administration is racing out the gate, pledging to undertake the nation’s “cuarta transformación.” In the process, our new President AMLO is tearing apart Mexico’s bureaucratic labyrinth and political fiber, refocusing efforts toward social development, poverty reduction, and economic opportunity. In three short months, AMLO has made […]

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Dear Portia

Dear Portia Advice to the Lovelorn, the Drastically Distracted and the Deeply Disgruntled   Dear (Be still, my heart!) Portia, Though usually reticent, I feel led, perhaps even compelled, to express the feelings that burgeoned within me upon reading your interview with the Editor in a recent issue of the Ojo.  Your pithy and trenchant

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Depression! By An Anonymous Contributor   Scientists have long known that spending time with loved ones is good for our long-term health and may reduce our risk of cognitive decline, whereas loneliness is linked to high blood pressure, inflammation and a weakened immune system. But why exactly does loneliness have such bad effects on our health and well-being?

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