The End Of The World

The End Of The World

(written on December 21, 2012)



They say the world will end today –

It’s not a day too soon,

My problems just won’t go away,

The market’s in a swoon –

I just ran out of orange juice,

My dogs are out of food,

My bowels feel a little loose,

I’m in a filthy mood.

The garden’s overgrown with weeds,

The sky is dull and grey,

I have too many wants and needs –

I hope the world will end today!


But stop! I saw that woman smile,

Perhaps she smiled at me –

The end of world can wait a while,

A year or two – or three –

She smiled again, and blew a kiss,

And now I see the sun –

There never was a day like this,

Let’s pray the world will carry on!

By Michael Warren

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