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Letters to the Editor


LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

Re “Bringing in the New Year” by Janice Kimball (page 80 in your Feb issue), I want to tell you that the piece on Aida was timely and beautiful. You possibly don’t know this but Aida died the last week of January. And I will be sure to send a copy of this to her daughters.

The New Year’s you spoke about was at least 6 years ago and I think often of that wonderful evening where my two good friends formed a special relationship and we all talked about art and what it meant to be an artist until 1:30 in the morning.

I do want to clear up one thing, however.  As an artist, and a photographer, I was an active participant in that conversation.  As there aren’t that many “Jills” here in town, it doesn’t do me justice to refer to me by name and then to characterize me as a tennis player, instead of an artist (and I’m not sure what being a tennis player has to do with that conversation).  And, it sounded like my friends are having an exalted conversation about art while I spent my time kicking embers into the fire. Further, while I have no love for the art of Jackson Pollack, it is difficult to quote someone from the distance of many years and the quote attributed to me is not exactly what I would have said.


Jill Flyer

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