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One of Lakeside’s best-known and most beloved residents has died, leaving behind a number of places, people and passionate pursuits that would have taken the average person three lifetimes to know and love. Life did not shortchange Marie in any way, so there is no reason to feel sorry for her. Instead, it will be her multitude of friends—left now with only memories—who will need the consoling.

Few among us can claim to have made a major difference in this lovely little corner of Mexico that we call home—but Marie did exactly that. As one of the driving forces, along with her wonderful husband Ray, of Focus on Mexico, their group over the course of many years brought hundreds if indeed not thousands of newcomers to our area. Many of them stayed and in turn would add much to the cultural and social quality of our beloved area.

As one of those lucky enough to have basked in the warmth of her friendship, I will never forget her joyful spirit, unflagging optimism and magical way of touching the lives of so many of our Mexican neighbors. She understood more than most that we ex-pats are guests in this country, and she behaved accordingly. Marie was and will always be simply irreplaceable.

There will be a Celebration of Marie’s Life on March 9, 5:30-7:30 at the Villa Encantada Eventos just east of the little park on the lake side of the highway going toward Chapala.


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