By Michael Cook


Some people say to me 

Who are you

To that  I say just history

Who are you

I am just a memory

Who are you

I can’t remember

Do I see me

Unravelled in the  knot of life

Are you a mirror or forgotten wife

I think I am a forgotten landscape

Capable of just


If I put my mind to it

I remember at the age of five



At a forgotten landscape

Of vagaries and mist

If I remember

I shall call her Mom

I thought I was in love

Yet the instructions

Were in a Babel

God’s curse bewitched the sinner

A failure to understand

One another

Such a joyous moment

That reeks hypocrisy

To understand another’s pain

Yet I remember it quite hell

Too well

Haunting life a shadow in the moonlight

It sits at the foot of my bed

Smiling with the teeth of a piranha

To devour good memories away

A shoal

They sense a feast of all that’s good

The cave is dark and only you sleep alone

For loneliness is your memory

Of lost but wanting to be found

Am I me or am I you

Pull the covers over your head and sleep

And today I will remember

Over burnt toast because I forgot the time

And jam that went moldy

Just like me

Out of date

I smile because I can buy another jar

If I remember

Today I see sea shells on a bleached  sand

A hand

In mine

I see today a time

Walk with me

See what I can sea

A sarape clinging to my thigh

The rolling surf wanted us

Yet my lover wanted me amor

We fought the earth’s nature in a battle royale

And the surf surrendered

With licks of froth and a gentle caress

We became one

You steal that and I never will forgive you

I forgive and forget a lot of things but not that day

If love is all that lasts

I say play on…Minstrel

For you are music to my heart


And these years will be


My senses may be weak yet still

I am beyond reproach


because I am me

I leave my history behind

In a glorious dignity

Open your eyes you merchants of gloom

Because we live for today

For I am a capsule of all that is good in my Life

You will never take that away

The End…..


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