Walking Luna

Walking Luna

—By Shelly Smith—


Luna – descending from a proud race,

but still in need of daily exercise.

My tempo dictated to by the nose of a dog.

Outside circumstances.

Walking Luna is not so much walking as stopping.

I stop. I stop. Impatient to be moving on.

Blindly waiting – eyes rolling to the empty sky.

And suddenly with a change of focus,

I see.

Not up there, but underfoot.

Another world,

rich and slow,

full and tactile.

I move between the stopping. Feeling through my feet.

Being told stories of cultures – and living,

of making and doing,

of moving through space-  in time.

I can lift my gaze and take in more – see more – notice more.

What a gift the nose of a dog is.

Opening up minute spaces for the exploration of landscapes.

 (Ed. Note: Walking Luna was previously presented as part of the paper ‘At the Crossroads – Writing Spaces Between Academia and Embodiment’ in July 2016 at the Writing as Spaces 4 conference, Oxford, England, and in this connection will be part of an e-book publication through Inter-Disciplinary Net publishing in 2017.)

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