Mental Ecology

Mental  Ecology

By Blanca Salazar

Ecologia mental


In health matters as in all areas of our lives, it is important to recognize that confidence plays a very important role; to have better results, it is essential to fully believe that the best is possible.

To have faith is to trust that the best can happen despite the odds. To fear is to believe that the worst can happen because there is a prognosis that ensures it.

Could physicians make more responsible diagnoses without causing fear in their patients; or is it necessary to be frank so as not to create “false expectations”? Expectations are possible realities only if they are injected with sufficient confidence. To which of the two ideas are we giving power in our minds?

Any situation in our life can grow if we believe it is possible; it does not matter if it is for better or worse. If we believe it, we are giving it power.

Personally I prefer to believe that there is an energy much more powerful than mine that is in charge of my health, my affairs, emotions, thoughts, relationships and finances.

“And Jesus said unto them, I tell you the truth, if you have faith even as small as a mustard seed, you can say to the mountain, move from here to there and it will move. Nothing will be impossible.”  Matthew 17-20

Health is our responsibility and happiness is a personal commitment.

There is no disease that does not have a solution. Just as there is a cause of a disease, in the same way, there is an antidote for eliminating it. In a very high percentage of cases, the causes of diseases have their origin in an erroneous mental program that emotionally affects the patient whose immune system is weakened by their fears, sadness and anger. As a result the physical body lets you know that the only way to heal is to recognize the belief that initiated the discomfort so as to be able to heal from within, as all wounds heal from the inside out. Inner strength, emotional intelligence and mind-body interactions are the oldest and most effective tools for maintaining the wise optimism generated by inner peace that naturally radiates physical, mental, emotional, relationship and financial health.

Love is the source of universal energy and the basis of all relationships, including of course my relationship with myself because from there comes the need to be in harmony with everything. The universal energy is the provider par excellence of all good, so nothing outside of me can disturb me. If my mind is kept in constant communication with the source of life, health will be an irrevocable privilege and happiness the consequence of the constant practice of mental ecology and emotional intelligence.

We are all one and we are united for a single reason: helping each other to recognize their purpose of life, that which stimulates the senses and keeps us active, automatically generating the bliss of knowing that it is enough to make the decision to be happy to be able to do so in spite of all foreseeable diagnoses, circumstances or adverse people.

Adversity is an opportunity to learn to overcome daily challenges and practice confidence in life because everything that happens is how it is because it cannot be otherwise; so if we do our best the final result can only be the best possible because life is generous in the same measure that we are generous with others.

Powerful beliefs can create disease or wellness.


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