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November Report



The heavy retrograde (review) energies of early October lie behind us; now the wheels of fate begin to grind inexorably forward. November opens with a Scorpio New Moon (Nov 4 4:14 pm CDT) directly opposite retrograde Uranus. Scorpio’s intensity confronts the ‘earth changes’ we are going through. Whether that’s the weather, politics, or your own personal determination to dig deeper into yourself, you are being reminded that you must find your own place of integrity in the context of greater forces sweeping through the collective. Let’s break down the word ‘Scorpio’ for a moment Score (hit the target) pi (the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter) o (the circle itself). In other words, we must know where we are individually in terms of our relation to the bigger picture, the circle, the whole. And here, in relation to Uranus (your ass) in Taurus (the Tao R Us), we’d better be sure we know who we are, individually and collectively, or the massive forces of both awakening and destruction sweeping through our world will sweep us under. The retrograde aspect (appearance of backward motion in the sky) of Uranus means we’re still trying to catch up with what has already happened. We still have time to figure it out. But not a lot of time. 

By the Taurus Eclipse Full Moon of Nov 19, Eclipse Season is upon us. This ‘blood moon’, peaking at 3:02 am Central, will be a partial eclipse visible through most of the Americas (more visible in the west than the east). What is the astrological implication of an eclipse? I like to use the analogy of a railroad switching yard. The engine enters the turntable from a particular direction. But after the table turns, the direction may well have changed. The train may be going at varying angles to its original direction. It may have reversed to going back where it came from. Or, it could even have resumed its original course. This analogy works particularly well for an eclipse of the Sun. The direction of the future shifts. But with an eclipse of the Moon, it is more as if the past is being shifted. For instance, it might be time to leave behind a tragedy one previously couldn’t get past. History can be rewritten, or re-interpreted. Old myths have new meanings. Old gods are discarded, old demons deified. So, what might be some of the possibilities of this particular eclipse—which again is being carried out in the signs of Scorpio and Taurus?  In the United States, could the chasm between the political parties be re-aligning? Or worldwide, could the COVID era be ending? Or taking some dramatic new turn? 

This eclipse also features a T-Square (two 90° angles) from Jupiter in Aquarius to the Sun and Moon. T-Squares are challenges, but when they feature Jupiter at the apex, they usually release tremendous forces. Since Jupiter is in Aquarius, these forces are, at their best, likely to be in terms of idealism in facing our challenges. Negatively, instead of ideals they might be in terms of ideology. Or some combination. But look for some form of fervent activity.  

And for you, what part of your life, what part of your belief system, do you just not need anymore? What has to be eclipsed and left behind for you to move on?


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