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Since the Lynx first appeared in my dreams many, many years ago, it has followed me into all areas of my life, as my totem animal, including here into the subject of Astrology. Hence the title of this blog, ASTROLYNX (Astro-Links), which will be a monthly sketch of some of the themes which reflect ‘in the stars’ and are likely to be influencing our world. Today’s column will feature the Astro-weather from the September Equinox through October. 

But first, why astrology? What is its claim? Life is full of twists and turns.  So is Space-Time, Einstein’s term for the relativistic environment in which we ‘live and have our being’. Imagine, for instance, that you are young and single and that someone very attractive to you passes to one side. You can feel not only your eyes, but your whole body is drawn that way. On the other hand, suppose it is someone menacing, or whose appearance you find repulsive; your body will pull away. We are continually pulled by attractive and repulsive forces. As is the earth itself in a larger context, and that larger context creates our Astro-weather.  Or ‘Astro-whether’—whether to act, whether to rest, whether to approach, whether to flee. 

I’ll talk more about WHY things happen as they do as we go on. But for now, let me return to WHAT is happening, and WHEN it is happening.  The Fall Equinox Sun, Sept 22, entering Libra, influences the next 3 months and deals with themes of harvest and balance.  In other words, what we harvest from the last three months of the year depends in large part on the balance we’ve achieved in our lives – balance between our personal needs and the needs of the world around us, between self and other.  If we have found that harmony, the rewards, the fruits, will appear. Looking for clues as to what might be going on in our world in general, we note that the Sun is conjunct Mars, while the Moon is passing through Aries, the sign governed by Mars.  We are acting, doing, and very immediately feeling the consequences of our actions. Mars is vitality, energy; but it is also anger and aggression. As a collective, we are experiencing fear and anger and conflict. The pandemic. Global warming and consequent weather issues.  Rich vs. poor.  Racial issues. Things are heated up. The wider world around us may be out of kilter.  Yet for those of us here in Ajijic, our local chart shows that we are seeking balance. Perhaps between Mexico and its visitors from abroad.

In October the Libra New Moon Oct 6 drastically underscores the picture of a ‘world outta whack’. Sun, Moon and Mars are not only conjunct, but combust – an astrological term which means ‘on top of each other’, their energies fused. The ‘martial’ (or ‘Mars shall’) energy is peaking. Challenges, conflicts, acts of heroism, acts of aggression or repression, tempers flare, and divergent points of view assert themselves.

Meanwhile, every single planet with the exception of only Venus and Mars is retrograde. Retrograde means generally ‘under review’. While this season is usually a more retrograde time of year, looking back on our year as a whole, it is unusual to have these many planets retro at the same time – Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. (‘Retrograde’ means ‘appearing to move backward in the sky.’) How did we get into this situation? Whose fault is this?  Are empires falling? Can we still turn this around?

By the Aries Full Moon Oct 20, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have all turned direct. We’ve been shown our situation. This Full Moon squares Pluto.  Pluto in the astrological model represents the underworld, the forces that underlie the world of appearances.  For instance, the motives and actions of the soul which underlie those of the personal self, as well the deeper currents of the planetary collective soul which sweep individual souls along.  An astrological square is a sign of conflict, forced choice. Whatever choices we’re making, it’s time to get on with them. In that, we may not have a choice. We are becoming spiritual warriors, being asked to respond to the world as it is, not what we think it should be. As we hone our skills to stay in the present moment, we are given opportunities to change the direction of things. If we are not ready and alert, we will become the victims of the conflicts we hoped we could avoid. 

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