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By Jean Sutherland

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Imagine if your doctor told you that every year of your life you had to get all your vaccine shots redone. That’s what has been happening to our pets since day one of their life. Now vets worldwide are changing their opinion on this practice.

In fact, some vets now believe that pets can go for 7 to 10 years before needing to get booster shots. Many vets believe that Parvo virus shots give the animal lifelong immunity and distemper shots can last 5 to 7 years. Add to this the fact that most pets are indoor pets, only go out occasionally, are rarely exposed to other animals and the need for any shots at all can be very low. For some pets these annual vaccines can be harmful.

Some pets can end up with chronic diseases from exposure to these vaccines. Many pets have reactions from the vaccines that show up months or years later. Immune system diseases, joint problems and ear infections can in many cases be traced back to vaccines. Many dogs end up with chronic skin problems from the assault on their immune systems.

The American Veterinary Medical Association says, “There is no scientific data to support a recommendation for annual administration of vaccines. Furthermore, repeated administration of vaccines may be associated with a higher risk of anaphylaxis and autoimmune diseases”.

Make sure your pet leads a healthy life. Good nutritional food and treats as well as exercise can go a long way to help keep their immune system healthy. Flea and tick medicine is also another questionable treatment. Many pet owners no longer use the over the counter flea and tick medicines. With weekly combing and watching for fleas, many can now go years without having to use these medications. Mixing a small amount of yeast and garlic into your pet’s food will go a long way to discouraging fleas. Best of all it’s a natural treatment. Disclaimer: This is not to be used with cats.

Having our yards sprayed every few months adds another layer of protection from fleas and mosquitoes. Unfortunately this is not always 100% effective. If you mix in a blender garlic juice with 5 parts of water and then strain, you’ll have an effective treatment that you can spray on your dog. This will protect the dog for 5 to 6 hours. During tick season make sure to rub your hands down your dog’s body daily to ensure they have not picked one up.

It’s important to do your own research on vaccines before proceeding. There are many informative websites online that will give you more information and allow you to make an informed decision. It may be wise for you to print out any information that is pertinent and take it with you for your pet’s next checkup. If a vet is trying to push these shots you’ll have the information for backup.

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