STAY HEALTHY! – August 2010


By J. Manuel Cordova, M. D.t

Medicine Of Tomorrow Is Here Today


Mankind has searched for hundreds of years to find cures for diseases. Herbs, animal parts, rituals, manual therapies and faith are all remedies. Fortunately, the focus on New Medicine concepts and Alternative Medicine is opening new doors to join healers and physicians around the world. A sharing of information is occurring like never before in history. Mainstream traditional medicine practiced in the U.S. is becoming passé.

Modern traditional medicine (allopathic medicine) has relied too much on treating diseases after the fact instead of preventing them. If the diagnostic test result does not show something abnormal, many doctors go no further to figure out what is wrong.

Medications are used to treat symptoms, but do not always address the cause. Traditional Chinese medicine always takes into consideration the individual patient and designs a special formula to deal with the patient needs; whereas, the majority of Americans are prescribed ‘cook book style’ medications. Unfortunately, the side effects of the medications can result in requiring more medications or even lead to more serious health problems.

Taking medications on top of medications is not the answer. In fact, certain medications should never be taken with certain other medications. A qualified physician will always examine all of your current medications before prescribing something new.

Medicine of the Future will be more of a partnership between the doctor and the patient. The patient will have choices. The biochemistry of the patient will be of primary importance in finding the root cause of the problem. It will focus on repairing tissues and organs with specific nutrients that the body needs instead of using drugs or (often times) surgery.

Laser Therapies such as Low Level Laser can be used to stimulate the tissues to regenerate themselves, stimulate circulation and control pain due to trauma or chronic disease such as arthritis.

The health practitioner of the future will put special effort on education. The patient must learn to eat healthier and know the principles of good nutrition, as well as the importance of proper pH balance. This will all help to prevent illness and delay the aging process.

The Medicine of the Future needs to consider all new technology being used from around the world and provide therapies that are supported by proper research and evidence of success. Certain Intravenous Therapies such as Chelation are tools used to clean veins and arteries instead of other invasive procedures.

The Medicine of the Future will not discriminate against therapies just because they are not “FDA approved.” The Medicine of the Future will consider the best and most honest option for the Patient, and use whatever is most applicable to regain and maintain physical and mental health.

The doctor of the future will have the option of using many functional tests to deal with chronic diseases. More emphasis will be placed on nutrient testing to see if the body has the needed vitamins, minerals and amino acids which produce enzymes, neurotransmitters, repair cells, etc.

All these tools are available today. Only you can make the decision for better health. Find the right person to help you and be diligent with the process. Recovering and maintaining your health requires a commitment, but the rewards are well worth it.


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