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Editor’s Page

Guest Editorial by M.A. Porter

A Challenge To Think


“I said hey Señorita, that’s astute. Why don’t we get together and call ourselves an institute.” — Paul Simon

So here we all are, living la vida loca in Mexico, while up north the USA has a huge national debt and our annual budget runs bloodier each year. Both conditions have been caused by disastrous administrations of the past and both sides of the aisle can appropriately be blamed. If we continue, we will not be able to educate our young nor will we pay for Social Security, maintain infrastructure and strengthen national security. We will be gnawing at the bones of our dead ideals.

Although I believe that Mr. Obama is in all probability miscast as our nation’s president, he is the President and was duly and legally voted into office. Things in the USA have gotten more negatively different since his election – and I don’t think even the zealots on either side disagree with that appraisal; they just cite opposite, self-serving rationalizations and responsibilities to the decline in civility, consensus formation, effectiveness and honesty.

It is disheartening to witness the constant negativity and attempts to tear apart every move that Obama tries to make. These negative actions come chiefly from Republican politicians, and their minions in the media, for political reasons rather than any real belief that another ‘way’ would establish a platform from which we might repair our nation’s finances, not to mention the outrageous hypocrisy given their blinders over the past 10 years.

Even the Democrats fail here – re: Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and their quasi-shadow government – and then there are the liberal media ‘heads’ constantly struggling to be ‘right’ and out-liberal each other rather than offer meaningful critiques on the president’s actions.

Surely, Obama’s key detractors are the same people who upheld the policies of prior administrations, those which either saw them digging a larger financial hole, or saw them ignoring all regulatory provisions that had been on the books for generations, or those that initiated a never-ending invoice for un-winnable wars. But I hear nothing – nothing! – from said detractors as to how we might have done better in the past, nor how we might right the course now.

Sadly, these detractors are now the high priests who have set the mantra for the citizens of the USA, and the politically interested willingly chant along in perfect meter, and the uninterested just plod along behind the cutest one.

So, I ask all the bright minds who now call Mexico home – though we may rightly disagree with the plans of the Obama administration, at the same time do we have better ideas?  If not, then why participate, and negatively meditate ourselves into a partisan frenzy, in the smear campaigns if we are not, in all our intelligent considerations, able to offer another answer, and an answer that isn’t simply, “Oh, God, Pundit X says we should run for our lives!

If you were the president, what would you be doing right now, or perhaps over the next three years, to solve the current debt and deficit crises of the USA?  What would you do, yourself, given the body of information you have at-hand? Be specific. I’d love to hear your thoughts, detailed in writing, on a more positive approach Email them to emayporter@hotmail.com. I’ll follow up on the best ideas.

Who knows? Perhaps from the 30,000 foot view we have down here in Mexico, we can solve the problems of the USA. Hey! Maybe we can call ourselves an institute!


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