By Doctor Gabriel Dery  (Retired)


eyeMany patients are unaware of having this vision problem. They consult their eye doctor because of increasing spectacle blur or progressive changes in their glasses prescription. And, as the years go by, the people lose vision, which, finally, will no longer be correctable with eyeglasses. When reaching that stage, even the conventional contact lenses will no longer be sufficient to restore the vision. It is called Keratoconus.

Keratoconus is a non-inflammatory degeneration of the cornea. It is a rare condition which is often misdiagnosed at the onset of the disease.

Characteristically, it is a progressive, thinning, protrusion and stromal (tissue) scarring of the central cornea resulting in loss of the central vision and at the final stage, a corneal transplant is the only solution.

In patients with Keratoconus, the cornea is cone shaped (hence the name keratoconus derived from the Greek word for cornea “kerato” and cone shaped “conus.”) Therefore, the cornea is not only cone shape but the surface is also irregular resulting in a distorted image being projected onto the brain. The disease shows no gender predilection and is bilateral (both eyes) in 90% of cases.


1- An annual comprehensive eye examination.

2- A six-month screening for cornea changes.

3- To educate people about the eye-disease and the condition of the Keratoconus.

4- To be screened by eye practitioners who own a special ophthalmological instrument called “Topographer” to diagnose an early Keratoconus.

5- To be treated at the onset of the disease to avoid any corneal complications, which could lead to a much more complicated treatment such as corneal transplant.


Professor at the Tianjin Medical University, China

Professor at the Quay D’Orsay University, Paris, France

Assistant Professor at the California College of Optometry

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