Letter’s to the Editor

Letter’s to the Editor



LettersToTheEditorTo the Attention of Paul Jackson

I was very surprised by your article and assessment of Stephen Harper. You appear to be wearing rose-colored glasses.

This man has put the party ahead of the country and systematically squashed democracy after promising transparency. His mode of operation is to push bills though parliament before the public is aware of what he is doing. This is a party of secrecy with total disregard for the environment. Oil & Gas and drug companies control the power in Canada as they do in the U.S.

What is going on in Canada is a travesty of what we have called democracy. “Every plank and promise on his election campaigns have now been passed and implemented.”  You are missing the how. The promise of transparency and representation of the voters, most of whom did  not vote for him, most bills reached first reading under a closed committee system; the public only get to know what’s going on when they get to second reading with little or no time to address the concerns of the public.

I am surprised  that you write on a subject with so little understanding and knowledge. There is a huge undercurrent in Canada who opposes Harper and he came to power on a split vote  and was very much in the minority. The majority of Canadians DID NOT vote for him, the system failed us as Canadians and needs to be changed.

I knew Stephen’s father many years back and know he would be turning in his grave to see what his son has done to our country.  Perhaps you could take a wider perspective next time you write.

However, I am sure he knows his hockey facts! How did he have time to do this and run the country?


Andrea Steell 



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