Letters to the Editor – 2

Letters to the Editor


LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

I’m really, really late in dropping you a line to tell you about some gratifying results that came La Ola’s way because of the article that you and Herbert collaborated on.

You may recall that at the time of the article La Ola (Ojo cover story-“This House is a Home,”) was being falsely maligned. Immediately after your article that unfortunate situation ceased to exist and all of us at La Ola were able to relax and pay attention to the needs that the kids so generously present on a daily basis.

Several substantial donors, who became aware of us in The Ojo, made contributions that more than covered tuition’s, books and uniforms for all our girls. Thank you!

One man tracked me down through two mutual friends and we met at the place Linda (Buckthorpe) and I call “The Office.” It’s the Black Coffee Cafe. He brought a nice donation of cash and asked that I introduce him to La Ola. After one visit the girls had pierced his heart with the “heart hooks” they use to entrap and hold volunteers like me. He’s hooked!

We have a young lady whose desire is to become an architect. The man is an architect and ever since his first visit he has been teaching architectural drawing to our young lady. She’s excelling and getting a big jump on her university training. He has filled his heart with a worthy challenge that he finds fulfilling and gratifying.

From time to time people still come to visit La Ola because of your, and Herbert’s visit. We even had a British lady with beautiful marketing skills come to help promote La Ola.

Thanks just doesn’t cut it, but, thanks!


Don Leach


Our Editor Replies:

The entire Ojo Family is always gratified when our articles reap such a worthwhile harvest. A major vote of thanks should go to Linda Buckthorpe for first making us aware of La Ola. One correction, however: every word in the article was written by Herbert Piekow. I simply offered a suggestion or two. We wish you and La Ola much continued success.



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