Operation Compassion San Antonio Tlayacapan

Operation Compassion San Antonio Tlayacapan

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Tom-and-NinaDid you know that for the past five years, nothing short of a miracle has been taking place in San Antonio? In February of 2010 Tom Music and Richard Bailey opened Operation Compassion, a soup kitchen. It is still going strong today; feeding 60 to 80 people five days a week. In addition to the soup kitchen, 35 meals are sent out to shut-ins unable to come out for a hot meal. Tom estimates that 2/3s of the people receiving a hot, nourishing and healthy meal each day are children.

    Sadly, Richard Bailey passed away in October of 2010, and Tom has managed alone until the fall of this year when Larry Chapman arrived on the scene. They now work as co-directors, managing the day-to-day operations of shopping, seeking donations and raising funds. The soup kitchen is fully supported by donations. There are 26 volunteers who help serve, and one paid employee who serves as the cook.

Tom says, “Everyday we try to offer chicken and vegetable soup, lentils or other beans, tortillas and of course salsa. We try to have a cookie for the children too. For many people, this is their only meal of the day.”

Would you like to see how the soup kitchen works? Drop in any Monday thru Friday on Jesus Garcia, about a half of a block down from the carretera. The meal is served between 1pm and 3pm. If you or your club have a party and find you have extra food, please think of donating it to help feed those that have so little. Any donations to support this on going cause are always welcome, and may be given to Tom or Larry at Operation Compassion or at Panino’s Restaurant.


For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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