Benefits of Exercising for Older Adults

Benefits of Exercising for Older Adults

By Mariana Macias & Jorge de Santiago

Mariana Macias y Jorge de Santiago


Have you ever wondered why you start to feel weaker, get tired easily and have become slower to perform your daily activities?

Did you know that you can solve it by doing physical activity? It is very important for your body and health to perform some constant physical activity, regardless of age, since you will get almost the same benefits as a young person.

Your exercise or physical activity should include strength training. Strength training delays the onset of sarcopenia or loss of muscle mass, reduces fragility, improves physical function, improves balance, and reduces the risk of falls and fractures. Strength training is achieved through rapid repetition exercises, such as climbing stairs or these activities:

• Stationary bike

• Soft step elliptical

• Treadmill

• Outdoor walk

• Exercises with weights

The general recommendation is to train muscle strength first and then move on to cardiovascular endurance. Regular exercise also offers these benefits:

1. Increases energy and stamina

2. Improves self-esteem

3. Delays the aging of the brain, preventing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s

4. Helps lower cholesterol levels

5. Improves blood circulation

6. Strengthens muscles and prevents injuries by increasing bone density

7. Decreases stress and insomnia

8. Improves psychological health

9. Decreases the risk of developing depression

10. It improves the immune system

11. Improves respiratory capacity and blood oxygenation

12. Increases memory function

13. Prevents some types of cancer

14. Improves sex drive

Since aging produces changes throughout the body, bones, joints and muscles and not all seniors can perform every type of exercise, it’s best to start training with a coach or therapist. Be aware of your physical limitations and start gradually. Before starting, consult your doctor or therapist. Stop exercising when you feel bad or have difficulties.

To make it easier to begin and stay motivated, you can exercise with a friend or request the services of a personalized professional coach. A professional coach will help you gradually get stronger, will keep you motivated and will prevent you from getting injured.

Improve your quality of life regardless of your age and live fully and energetically by strength training!

Ed. Note: Mariana Macias & Jorge de Santiago are professional trainers. Mariana is a marketing student at the University of Guadalajara and has been a professional trainer for two years. Jorge has been a professional trainer for 15 years. Both are certified by the Asociacion de Fisicoconstructivismo y Fitness del Estado de Jalisco and the Federacion Mexicana de Fisicoconstructivismo y Fitness.


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