Announcing Christmas For Jaltepec

Announcing Christmas For Jaltepec

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Due to demolition of the school and reconstruction, we are unable to hold our Christmas Event at Centro Educativo Jaltepec this year. The school itself is still in operation, with the students living, studying and working out of the lower building to the west and caring for guests in the two conference centers.

Christmas FOR Jaltepec will be hosted and held at La Bodega in Ajijic. Thursday, November 29th the Dinner Event will start at 6:00 PM with a donation of $650 per person. Friday, November 30th the Luncheon Event will start at 12:00 Noon and the donation is $550 per person.

Christmas Music will set the theme by the well-known DJ Walt during cocktails, hors d’ouevres prepared and served by the students, a three course Roast Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings, and for those who wish, dancing after.

For more information, please contact Linda Buckthorp at or call her at 766-1631.

We would also like to introduce Crystal Zapata, a graduate of Jaltepec and currently their Professor / Teacher of British Butler Service Style. Thanks to the generosity of many people who sponsored her, she was able to complete her studies at Jaltepec.

jaltepec november2018Crystal Zapata

The motto of the Jaltepec Educational Center is “a school for life” and every day Crystal feels this is true. As a student she received all the necessary tools to carry out her work professionally and learned to value punctuality, order, and teamwork but above all the great value of women and their irreplaceable role in the family and in society.

Now that she is a teacher, she realizes the importance of her career and ability to train these young women who will then share everything they have achieved in Jaltepec with their family and friends. Today more than ever it is necessary to train women to be true leaders, who can positively influence society with their good example.


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