By Fernando Garcia



He walked through the kitchen door. He was happy, his small business was doing well; his four children were well behaved. All the work he and his wife had put into the old property they had purchased ten years before had paid off handsomely. He was respected professionally and on good terms with his neighbors.

“Hi honey”

She looked up from the table.

“We need to do something; I can’t keep going this way”

“You can’t keep going what way?”

“I feel like I’m suffocating”

“Suffocating? Suffocating on what?”

“You don’t understand”

Oh, oh, is it warm in here or is it just me?

She had started counseling a month before.

“Would you like me to go to counseling with you?”

She thought it might be a good idea.

“Oh crap.”

Dutifully and a bit confused he went along. As the counseling proceeded and the emotional layers started to peel off he discovered a new phrase, ‘mid-life crises.’

She shared that she was tired of men dominating her life, her father, her brothers, her bosses, her mate.

ME? But, but, but.

As the days and weeks rolled by he found himself confronted with the darker sides of his personality; domineering, selfish, uncompromising, he realized he was on the verge of losing his life’s love.

He was unable to sleep. Processing all the information he was learning from the counseling was daunting. He read self-help books, books on relationships, on communication, on self-examination. He identified with David “Walking through the valley of the shadow of death.”

Months of hard work began to bear fruit. Unhealthy old habits were shed, he listened to his partner, he didn’t need to control every situation, its okay to make mistakes, he had to learn to trust. Your spouse is your equal, your partner.

“Honey, you seem to be coming out of your funk.” He remarked.

“I have a ways to go,” she offered.

Then slowly as if by magic their intimacy began to return, they were holding hands again.

He had a dream, he stood at a doorway, behind him stood a pompous arrogant man, who looked strangely familiar. To his front he saw a beautiful peaceful garden, inviting but unfamiliar. A woman, an angel really, reached for his hand. Not sure what to do he allowed her to grasp his.

“Come with me” she whispered and trusting he allowed her to lead.

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