Centro Educativo Jaltepec – Spotlight On Success

Centro Educativo Jaltepec – Spotlight On Success

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This article will highlight two successful alumni from Centro Educativo Jaltepec and their achievements.  Jaltepec grants a Technical Degree in Hoteleria and Hospitalidad and is the only institution in Mexico to do so. The school also benefits from a very successful Scholarship Program which consists of sponsors from the North American and Lakeside Community who assist young Mexican women to achieve their goals and TRANSFORM THEIR LIVES. Both of the following young women were sponsored throughout their studies.

Mariana Lupian graduated from Jaltepec in 2005. She was sponsored through the St. Andrew’s Church Outreach Program and Christmas Bazaar in Ajijic. She now lives in Tizapán el Alto, with her husband and family. Mariana makes and sells homemade soaps in the local family run Pharmacy. Mariana makes her special soaps by hand using all-natural ingredients. The base is water or glycerin, with 100% natural ingredients such as pure essential oils and organic herbs. She named her business BELLANHOA after her two young daughters, Isabella and Ainoha.

Mariana and her soaps

Mariana Lupian

Mariana recently contacted Jaltepec’s Director of Education, Lupita Canepa, and sent the school a letter of gratitude. In order to express her thanks for the success in her life and career she received years ago – help that changed her life, Mariana also prepared gifts containing her soaps to distribute to our current sponsors.

Mariana gift soaps

Excerpts from Mariana’s letter

“It is my pleasure to be able to thank you for the support I received while I completed my studies at Centro Educativo Jaltepec from 2003-2005. I left Jaltepec full of knowledge and eager to work and I was put in charge of the bakery in the Cultural and Sport center at AC La Calerilla in Guadalajara. I was also giving cooking classes to the children at the Torre Blanca Girls School in Guadalajara. However, my education at Jaltepec left me with more than professional knowledge. The school also instilled values that I will carry with me throughout my life. Now at the age of 32, I have a great family, with whom I share my experiences since my graduation from Jaltepec. For everything you have done for me and so many other alumni, I thank you.”

Maria Concepción Cortez Bravo (Conchita)



Conchita has become a source of individual, family and community pride. She lives in the village of Angahuan, Michoacán.  At only twenty years old, she is seen as an entrepreneur, a leader, and an inspiration. She entered Jaltepec’s Preparatoria program in 2016.  This innovative program allows students to complete three years of high school Preparatoria in one year and then go on to complete the two-year degree program. Conchita was sponsored by a group of friends from El Parque in San Antonio near Ajijic and successfully graduated from Jaltepec in 2019.

Conchita cakes

Excerpts from Conchita’s letter

My life in Jaltepec was really interesting, and one of the things that I cherish the most is that Jaltepec actually changed my life. After graduation, I started working at my grandparents’ restaurant in Angahuan, “La Troje”, as an employee, but after two months I was appointed Manager of the restaurant.  I then began to market my home-made cakes. Everyone loved my baking because they were different from the usual cakes sold in my hometown.  I offered a wide variety of flavors like vanilla, chocolate and cappuccino and this was what made my cakes so special. Now I can sell nearly 30 cakes on important dates.

Local children are very curious about where I studied. They wanted to know where I had learned so many things, and I have told them all about Centro Educativo Jaltepec.  They asked for cooking lessons, and so I started a ‘Kids’ Club’ where they are learning how to cook and make desserts.  But the most important thing about these lessons is that I am sharing with them not only my practical knowledge, but also all the values that I had acquired at Jaltepec. My goal is to open my own bakery in my home town. Hopefully, I will make my dream come true in a few months.”


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For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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