Letters to the editor – November 2022 – 2

To Victoria Schmidt:

I have LOVED El Ojo Del Lago…..UNTIL TODAY.  You chose to demonize and denigrate myself as well as many others of my friends who have called Ajijic and Lake Chapala their paradise. Why in the world would you choose to alienate the MANY wonderful people who live and visit here. How sophomoric is it to name-call? I am a PROUD ‘GOPE’ as you have termed….who believes in LIFE for the unborn, the right to protest an election that has now been PROVEN to have been fraudulent….if one DARES to look.  YOU are the ones who disrespect and scream out to DEFUND the police, and then complain when they aren’t eager to respond to emergencies. AND…A simple majority democracy as you put it would TOTALLY crush the less populated states….the Constitution provides a BRILLIANT electoral college that is fair to ALL! 

You OWE your many readers who choose freedom over left-winged control an apology for such a divisive, mean-spirited editorial. I LOVE clean air and water….I would PROTECT this beautiful nugget in Mexico at ALL costs! I LOVE the unborn (as you should too).  And by the way…I wonder how many of your precious trees did it take to produce this rather over-sized magazine? Since you bitterly coined the term GOPE….I have coined a new word for you and your ilk: It is  DOPE:  Not only mis-informed, (a dope) but a ‘Democrat Of Progressive Extremism.’  This editorial was disgraceful and disgusting!

Steven R. Shapiro

Ajijic, Mexico

For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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1 thought on “Letters to the editor – November 2022 – 2”

  1. No one benefitted by posting an editorial reply as mean-spirited as yours. The editor described a life she remembered. It seems your issues with the editor have nothing to do with her writing. It has to do with a political belief unsupported by many people around the world. What was gained by your rant? I didn’t read a solution to anything you slammed the editor for writing. Attack the problems with solutions… not villainize a writer for her memories or opinions.

    Rob Cantrell
    Ajijic property owner.

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