Pension for Conchita

Conchita, known and admired by many locals and expats, is one of the 30 indigenous ladies from the state of Oaxaca motivated by a Catholic priest years ago to move, live, create and sell their handicrafts in this wonderful town of Ajijic.

After around six months of investigation, bureaucratic processes, and the collaboration of friends, neighbors and the Instituto Nacional de Los Pueblos Indigenas (National Institute of Indigenous People), the Registro Civil de Chapala (Chapala Civil Registry) approved the issuance of a birth certificate to renew Conchita’s voting card from the Electoral National Institute, an essential document to obtain the Federal Pension for Senior Citizens.

Today, the Departamento de Bienestar de Chapala (Chapala Wellness Department) has registered Conchita, so in a few months she will start receiving her well-deserved pension.

A deep and heartfelt appreciation to each and every individual and state and federal organization for their collaboration to accomplish the Federal Pension for Conchita.

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