October 2016

Editor’s Page – October 2016

Editor’s Page By Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez Ah, Persistence!     Setting: A prestigious employment agency in Washington, D.C. Time: Sometime late in 1858. As scene opens, a tall, solemn-looking MAN enters and walks stiffly toward a RECEPTIONIST. His gaunt features and melancholy-looking eyes immediately make her wary.   RECEPTIONIST: Our deliveries are made down the hall. […]

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I Can Fly!

I Can Fly! By Margie Keane     When I was a very young girl I loved reading fairy tales. I believed in ogres and witches and I dreamed of beautiful princesses and handsome princes who lived in golden castles surrounded by moats. I believed that everyone lived happily ever after. As I grew older

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Pews By John Thomas Dodds     Notwithstanding the pickling and pruning of the average generation the most widely seen cognitive change associated with ageing is that of the Procedural, Episodic, Working, and Semantic memory. The functioning or lack of is uniquely personal and can be of some concern. Personally this memory/recall thing doesn’t really

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