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lol: This is a beautifully elegant answer to a rather thorny problem: What to do about the people who write laws with titles designed to make them look good, but content which serves mostly to tighten their personal control and expand their little empires.

I feel the need to comment here on an issue which I fear the good people on the Left will hammer you for. You very correctly said the Right freed the slaves and gave Equal Rights to women and minorities, while the Left fought them tooth and nail. The Leftist Democrat argument to that telling bit of history is to attempt to trade their racist roots for the righteous actions of the Right.

“The Parties Switched Ideologies!!!” they will insist.

When pressed, the words “Nixon’s Southern Strategy!!” will be spewed forth. Yes. The GOP traditionally did very poorly in the racist southern states (with their silly notions of Equality and Minority Rights.) Leftist Racist Democrats held sway, and the GOP wanted more voters there. Duh.

There isn’t a single shred of evidence to support that notion. A bit of innuendo and a change in voting patterns 50 years later, does NOT a “paradigm shift” make. There are no records of Southern Voters suddenly changing parties en mass in the Sixties. There are a VERY small number of Democrat politicians switching to Republican over that period, but in no more significant numbers than any other period in American history.

So, when they assail you for daring to point the truth out to them about their deeply hate-filled, racist past, rest assured you were right the first time; the Left is a horrible place to govern from, and socialism kills.

Norman Opdenhoff

Well said. Our current candidates are a reflection of how broken our political system has become.

Marcel Woland

It looks like another paradigm shift if not an act of magical shape-shifting has occurred in the smokey, mirrored kingdoms of our enfeebled Western politics. The Democratic Party has become the party of perpetual war, extra-judicial murder, political retribution and repression, neo-McCarthyism, massive corporate donations and a surly, lightly veiled anti-Arab variety of antisemitism.

If the pathetic (and probably complicit) Bernie Sanders picked the pockets of the struggling citizenry, the Clinton Foundation has trawled the International Corporate sector and the various quasi-dictatorships of the Middle East and beyond.

Clinging to my calming mantra of “a pox on both your houses” I was surprised to find that the unspeakably vulgar and pretentious Trump has been increasingly seeming less disgusting than the pretentious and vulgar Lord and Lady MacBeth-Clinton.

But what most intrigues me is how the citizenry has managed to not notice that the US is no longer a Democracy or a Republic but a sort of rotating Oligarchic Dual Dynasty, with interregnum caretaker governments like Obama’s to do the metaphorical ‘clean up in aisle four’. Voting, under the circumstances, appears to be a masochistic act of self-mockery.

Sad to say, Canada is little better, with another Trudeau in power to finally undo the nation-building which his father began, like a snake eating its own tail.

Reflecting on our long-suffering Continent compared to the days of, let’s say, Juarez, Kennedy and Pierre Trudeau, I am reminded of what Hamlet said, comparing his dead father to his usurper uncle Claudius: “So excellent a king, that was to this, Hyperion to a Satyr.”

Marcel Woland

I almost neglected to say that I found the editorial stimulating and one that opened the doors to discussion. Thank you. But my lengthy earlier post is proof of that already.
As for a solution? I do not know of an example of an oligarchic dynasty lightly letting go of power. There was a recent example in the USSR of Gorbachev, but that was not a dynasty, and certainly not a dual one. I fear I will just keep singing my morning song: “A pox on both your houses.”



Dotty Anderson

Tommy! Have you been listening to my conversations with my husband? Love this article! Keep on writing. 🙂


Alexander Maidan

None dare call Western perpetual growth resource extraction murder either. Though it surely is. Christians believe that the blood of martyrs nourishes the faith. It is hard to disagree. Thank you for sharing this story of a martyr’s struggle and victory.

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