January 2018

Generational Drift

Generational Drift   It’s a symptom of their stage of life,a product of their age.Adolescents have to disagreeand posture, pout and rage.That teenage chemical is nowrampaging through each vein,bringing self-doubt, embarrassment,confusion and disdain.Nothing so discomfortingas advice of a parent.Teens crave emancipation,but go through with it? They daren’t.They may neglect their family timein favor of their friends.The list of what is

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Mexican Daze

Mexican Daze By Iris R. Slocombe Off to the Mexican Jungle: Part 2Arriving & settling in at Yaxoquintala.   We were told we would leave the Mexico City hotel, Quetzalcoatl, affectionately called the ‘Kettle’, next morning, and travel south by bus to Tuxtla Gutierrez in Chiapas. On arriving at Tuxtla we all made a ‘bee—line’

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Sea Love

Sea Love By Mel Goldberg   As an ex-pat retired teacher vacationing near the ocean in Barra de Navidad, I enjoyed walking on the shore under a full moon. The calm water had a silvery sheen and I liked being alone. On rare occasions, dead seals washed up on the shore, so I was not

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Fore! By Peter E. Gibbons   If, like me, the older one gets the sharper the memory! I don’t mean current stuff like five minutes ago, but 70 odd years back?  Quite recently I have got into the habit of watching golf Sunday afternoons on beautiful P.G.A. courses in the U.S. This precedes “60 Minutes”

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