Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor


LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

I would like to extend my compliments for your publication which is of higher quality than any similar publication I have ever seen. Your covers are magnificent and your articles are very readable.

I do have a serious reservation. The bulk of your readers are American and Canadian and they are, on the whole, far above average in education and intelligence. Many of your articles that relate to these countries are not as sophisticated as they might appear at first light. Much better literature on our homelands is easily available on line.

What I find lacking is a serious effort to inform and interpret our host country. As a snow bird with very rudimentary Spanish, I am at a loss to know what is going on in this country at the local, state and federal levels. I read the Guadalajara Reporter but it is not very informative. I think you have a very important pipeline for increasing understanding of the land we have chosen to make our permanent (or temporary) home and we, as visitors, have an obligation to be informed about Mexico.

I hope we can see more of the real Mexico in future editions, not just on the cover.

Thank you.

Frank Prothero.


Our Editor Replies:

Thanks for your kind and thoughtful letter. Re the dearth of news about Mexico, Canada and the United States, we are not a newspaper, but rather a literary (hopefully!) magazine. There is an excellent English-language newspaper out of Mexico City that can be bought at both the bookstore and the market at Bugambillas Plaza in Ajijic. We will, however, keep in mind the points you have mentioned. We appreciate your interest in the El Ojo del Lago.


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