Anita’s Animals – February 2013

Anita’s Animals

By Jackie Kellum


Anita---Aug12As we start this New Year,  the following are a few basic reminders that are important when you have a family pet. Owning a pet is a lifetime commitment – if you can’t make the commitment, don’t get the pet. Your pet, especially if it is a dog,   should at all times be wearing a collar with an ID even if it’s an “indoor pet”, in the event it should get out of the house without you. Show respect for your pet by having a plan in place for their care in the event something should happen to you. Try to be respectful of your neighbors who may not enjoy your dog’s barking   and etc., while you are not home or at night time. Keep your family pet up to date with it’s vaccinations, especially if you walk it or it “travels” in your neighborhood .

Other cats/dogs in your area may   not be vaccinated, which can pose a risk to your pet. If you walk your dog, please do not let your dog leave behind “presents” deposited on the sidewalk   for someone else to find when they take a step. Make sure your home is “pet safe“ regarding pesticides, medications, household cleaners and some houseplants (ie. dieffenbachia, philodendron, hyacinth) as they can be deadly to your pet. Provide your pet access to water at all times and feed a proper diet – obesity can be as deadly as malnutrition. Be aware that some foods can be deadly, such as chocolate, and fatty foods can cause pancreatitis. PS:   People that believe pets do not have souls should not become pet owners.

Like   many   other countries, sadly Mexico also has “puppy mills.” It also has individual persons who use their female dog for breeding as a means to make money. You see these individuals with their puppies crowded into small cages by the side of the road or outside populated stores. They also carry   their “products” for sale in their arms at the tianguis. These salespersons have been known to misrepresent their product, such as offering under-age puppies [too young to be taken from the mother], of questionable health and even questionable breed, i.e. a cute haircut does not guarantee it’s a poodle. There are dog shelters at Lakeside trying to deal with the large volume of unwanted, abused, and abandoned puppies and dogs. These shelters offer for adoption a wide variety of puppies and dogs of various breeds – some purebred and some “mixed” breeds. Please consider adoption of a puppy or dog from a shelter   rather than buying a puppy and perpetuating a cruel practice of puppy mill production.

Anita’s Animals is present at the Ajijic tianguis each Wednesday, regardless of the weather. She is located going down the hill on the right side, a little below Salvador’s restaurant. At her booth she has available for sale used paperback and hard bound books, books on CDs, movie DVDs, music CDs, gently used good quality clothing, sometimes small appliances,   and etc. There is also a donation container on a table. This is Anita’s primary means for raising money to support her cat/dog rescue work of over twenty years. Donations of books, clothing, pet food, newspapers [used for kittens and puppies], pet items and any other items that can be resold is greatly valued.   Stop to say Hi, and help if you can – it’s appreciated.

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