Living And Dying On The Street

Living And Dying On The Street

By Vern and Lori Geiger



We see them every day, puppies, young dogs, old dogs, injured dogs, sick dogs, trying to just survive, begging scraps of food or maybe a pat on the head. Alone with no owner, no one to comfort them when they are frightened, no one to take them to the veterinarian when they are sick or injured, no warm, dry, safe place to sleep, let alone give birth.

Imagine being a female dog all alone living in the street, frightened, malnourished, and being a host for fleas, ticks and parasites, etc. then becoming pregnant through no fault of her own. Now not only does she need to fend for herself but also for her pups.

Whether the dog is male or female life on the street is brutal. Like a game of Russian roulette, will some kind person adopt them? Will they be hit by a car and die quickly or will they linger on the side of the road for days? Will they succumb to starvation and or disease? Will they be poisoned? Will they be kicked and abused?

You may say but what can I do? While there is no magic solution, everyone can help stop the needless suffering. Most of us have a maid and gardener, encourage them to spay / neuter their dogs. If necessary; pay to have it done. What will it cost, an evening out, a dinner at a nice restaurant? A small price to pay to prevent a life filled with pain, loneliness and suffering. Educate them on an animal’s basic care and needs; vaccinations, nutritious food, fresh water at all times and shelter. And yes love; animals are not toys; they, like children, are a lifetime commitment.

If everyone helped spay / neuter just one or two dogs, we all would see less heartbreak on the street. Just once Vern would like to go to Guadalajara, without seeing the highway littered with the pitiful bodies of dead dogs.

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