Northern Lights Festival –Glows and Soars to New Heights

Northern Lights Festival
–Glows and Soars to New Heights

By Leonardo Gasparini


palacio-de-culturaGasparini is a distinguished name from my hometown, Venice, one of Europe’s historical capitals for great music. This might explain why I have devoted my entire life to beautiful music, having worked in many of the great music capitals of the world and on several continents. It is my pleasure and a great honor to be the conductor for the Scotiabank Northern Lights Music Festival for a second time this year. The ScotiabankNorthern Lights Music Festival is the finest display of both classical and contemporary virtuoso musical performances at the Lakeside area.

I believe this year’s schedule will be a difficult one to follow. Sponsored once again by Scotiabank, our performances will be as luminous as before, with virtuoso performances, including jazz greats such as Richard Underhill (voted Canada’s best saxophonist in 2012); familiar string quartets with new works to perform, Jeremy Bell’s return with his classical violin; a very fancy and elegant Piano Concert with many stars, including special performances by Christos Hatzis and Veronique Mathieu, a returning favorite; Susan Hoeppner and the Attacca Quartet, the outstanding quartet from the Juilliard school. But equally important, to follow up on something so special, I promise something even more exciting to come.

I personally need all of you from Lakeside who love magnificent music to help me. The more of you I can attract, the better. Here’s why:I have recently had the honour of becoming the Artistic Director of the grand Palacio de Cultura in Guadalajara, the recently completed and exquisite music center in Guadalajara. The Palacio de Cultura may be one of the most beautiful music centers ever conceived, resembling a confluence of (in English,you say) waves, (in Spanish)ondas de sonido, like polytonal musical waves through its brilliantly conceived acoustics. I have put a photo here.

The Northern Lights Festival and its devoted followers will be one of my principal connections to the Palacio because you can help me confirm the importance and value of the center by supporting and popularizing its musical events and other cultural events. It might even be possible to have some of the Northern Lights events performed at the beautiful Palacio next year, a facility featuring many arts that you all must see and experience. Also, as another important connection, I have been so impressed with Northern Lights Festival director, Christopher Wilshere, that I have appointed him Head of the School of Music at the Palacio de Cultura. He will be one of my greatest assets there, to help teach and motivate new talent.

So, please come along this year to enjoy the range and the splendor of a magnificent festival of musical sensations, styles and experiences, starting Friday, February 15; and come also for the sociality of hundreds of other avid music lovers like yourself, all a part of this annual experience. I will be available and I hope to connect with each and every one of you personally, if possible.

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