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Letter To The Editor


LettersToTheEditorDear Sir,

I’m appalled by the “Thunder On The Right” article by Paul Jackson in the Ojo February Edition.  Surely this was written with tongue-in-cheek.  If not, it is ignorant at worst and mis-informed at best.

He blames food stamps for US citizens not wanting or trying to work and perpetuates the stigma that food stamp users are drunks and layabouts….”they use food stamps at the supermarket, and then slip over to the liquor store to buy a six-pack.”

He claims that the Canadian medical system is “outrageously abused” by the fact (?) “some people visit their doctor once a week just to have a chat.”  I lived in Canada for sixty years and know no doctor who would waste his/her time and skills by having regular weekly chats!

Finally he insults our intelligence by suggesting that US citizens would create work, as Mexicans do, if food stamps weren’t so easily available. He cites Mexico as a country where “everyone does almost anything to make a living. They sell fruit in the streets, they wash cars, they polish shoes, they open up small businesses.” Can you imagine opening a taco stand on a corner in New York City where all food carts are licensed (at a very hefty fee), and health regulated?

Please Mr. Jackson, tell us you really weren’t serious!!!

Judi Kells

Ocampo 85B, Ajijic,




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