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Letters to the Editor


LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

There are 2 ads in your Nov. magazine about someone downsizing & wanting to get rid of their dogs. I was appalled that they consider a dog a part of their stuff that they can just discard! We have 2 cats, one 14 & one 17 years of age & we brought them from Canada to Mexico with us. They are our Fur Children & we would never have considered giving them away or coming here without them. We have downsized & they are a part of our family…not a part of our furniture or stuff!

Dogs & Cats have a heart & they feel…they feel abandonment & love & hate, etc. Would you give a child who could not look after themselves to someone else because you were downsizing? These animals are our fur children to love & to cherish for their entire lives. Shame on these people for getting dogs in the first place if they had no intentions of keeping them into their senior years! This is such a major problem among some dog & cat owners. A dog or cat is for life. If a person is not prepared to give approx. 12-15 years of their life looking after an animal they have no business adopting one in the first place!!! (This of course does not pertain to someone who gets to a point in their life where they cannot care for the animal due to illness or age.)
Please think carefully before adopting a pet…you spend 17 years raising a child…please give this consideration to your pet as well.

Catherine McGrath 




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