Ramblings From The Ranch

Ramblings From The Ranch

By Syd Sullins

Adopt a Senior Pet Month


dog nov2015November is time to bring attention to the joys of adopting a senior pet, those animals that are in the November of their own life.  Any dog seven years or older is considered a senior. Their time on earth may be limited, but the love they have to offer isn’t.

These older dogs arrive in your home long past the chewing stage – so your shoes and furniture are safe.  There are no surprises – you know what size your pet will be and their personality.  They are calm and don’t need long walks so they’re perfectly suited for the over-60 population Lakeside. And if you’ve ever tried to teach a puppy the rules of the house, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly a mature dog learns. We adopted our beautiful Lola two years ago when she was approximately eight years old.  I had already fallen for this sweet girl while volunteering at the Ranch.  My husband was not convinced.  What we didn’t count on was how wily Lola could be.  From her first night at our home, she quickly became my husband’s dog, always snoozing alongside his chair or waiting on his side of the bed for him to rise in the morning.  In her wise old dog way, she knew which of us she needed to win over.   She’s never caused any damage to our home or possessions – and she immediately became a great pal to our first dog.

Yes, we dread the day we’ll lose her, but in the meantime we’re just enjoying her.  And when the time comes, I can guarantee our next dog will be another sweet senior! There are many seniors waiting for you at the Ranch.  If adoption isn’t an option, our volunteers especially love to spend time pampering our seniors.

www.lakesidespayandneutercenter.com or email adoptaranchdog@outlook.com



For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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