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LIFE ONGOING – When Will I Ever Grow Up?

Gabrielle Blair

A wise list, Christy Wiseman! One that could be copied and posted on the fridge. Our life is indeed a work in progress, if we continue to WORK on it. Ah, there’s the challenge.

Jean Morrell

I love this article…and it really makes me stop and think! Thanks Christy… for capturing those important things that we forget….and recognizing that childish and child-like are not nearly the same!


This thoughtful and disarmingly candid list exudes light.

Jody Morris

This is thought provoking, Christy! Thank you for the insight. I love your words and thoughts, but, having known you for decades, I don’t believe you were ever totally dependent on anyone!

Barbara McGregor

You have given yourself and the rest of us many challenges for being all “grown up”. Lots of great goals. May these not be realized, for any of us, as burdensome tasks, but as we take on these challenges, we may realize the gift of freedom to experience more love in our walk. Thanks Christy

In Memoriam —Eric Roberts—

Gabrielle Blair

A lovely gracious tribute, Mark, to a gracious person who will be missed.

Editor’s Page – June 2016

Gabrielle Blair

You have summed up the situation very nicely. It’s difficult to know, however, how much of Mr. Trumps grand-standing actually is what he thinks. I wish he would get to read your letter.

Marla Santy

Victoria, I am not sure if “insulting” and “tough Talk” are anywhere as egregious as the embarrassing lying of Hillary Clinton. As an American living in Mexico and before that in Costa Rica, I can tell you both peoples have asked me “How
can Americans allow such a candidate to run?” I have also had my local Mexican friends confide to me that they agree with much that Trump says and resent the Mexicans who take advantage of things such as running over to birth their kids. These people have green cards and work off and on in the USA and such behavior they say has affected their reputation when doing so. Further Victoria, your last article made me actually gasp out loud as I read the last sentence where you insinuated that Americans are thieves. Since so many people tromp through your home, just how sure are you that an American robbed you? I am wondering if and when we will be seeing an article about all double talk coming out of Clinton’s mouth these days.

MARK SCONCE: Poet And Prince Among Men


Beautifully written revelations about this charming and gifted man. 🙂


Love you Markovich. And very happy to see you are still alive. I thought it was an obituary.

Farewell To A Friend


Delightful – makes “crossing over” a joyful reunion. Sure hope he is right.

Jack the Ripper Part Two


I’ve been waiting for this and wasn’t disappointed. Kominski as the killer makes sense. Now I’ll look forward to part 3!!

Death And Life In Mexico


Thanks for the chuckle. So, Americans bring elevated death counts with them wherever they go? Not only for others but for themselves as well. I suspect that last people to hear of this will be Americans.

Emotional Connection

Michael James

Tremendously insightful Ana, giving the reader a snap shot of your wonderful book Get What You Need: Skills to Build Your Destiny.
Michael James


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