The Ojo Internet Mailbox – December 2017

The Ojo Internet Mailbox

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The Drug Fix That Is Permanent

Virginia Rose

Very nicely written. Drugs are a big problem now not only in the USA, but all over. Sad to see our young people resort to this and hope they come to their senses and get help before it is too late.


How Chastity Belts Are Saving America


Of course they don’t need to put on chastity belts ha ha ha ha ha ha, or do they?


Welcome to Mexico! – October 2017

The Who

Thank you for your heartfelt appreciation regarding Mexico and its people. I first learned about the Chapala area while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta in June 2001. A retired New York couple, who resided in the Ajijic area then, told us about the area’s beauty.
Since then, my wife and I have researched and contemplated retiring in Mexico with the Chapala area being top on our list. My wife is originally from Villa De Santiago, Nuevo Leon (near Monterrey Mexico) and came to the US at 21 years of age, so she is familiar with the Mexican culture/living.
I grew up and still reside in the Houston, Texas area. I’ve visited Mexico many times but living there will definitely be a new experience. Currently, I can only ponder about retirement because it won’t happen until 2030, when I’m 59 1/2.
Since 2001, from time to time, I’ve searched all things Chapala/Ajijic/Guadalajara; just envisioning.
So thank you for contributing and conveying a positive light to my future dreams. Sincerely, Julio Cesar


My Father’s Walking Stick

Dorothy Williams

Thank you for sharing your story Carol. I think our fathers were much alike – they had a lot to do with each other, over the years, of working with the RM council. Our birth placement was much the same as well … I was pretty much an “oops” as well. My mom was 33 when I was born …, that was OLD in those days!!!! You are several years younger than me / but do remember you playing hockey… I think my brother Fred was your coach. Keep on writing – you do it well. Hugs.


Work Week

Gabrielle Blair

What a fun poem. Quite delightful and original and such a novel way of clearing out unwanted stuff to make room for more.


The Drug Fix That Is Permanent

Benjamin M. Gaul

It has often been said that all evil requires to thrive, is for good people to sit back and do nothing. This article brings that concept home, while also pointing out that evil can be found in any family.
Thank you for writing this, Christy. A stern but loving reminder that there are people in our lives whose lives we can save, if only we will put forth the effort.


Excellent  article. In our society, others around us are hurting and we don’t realize it. I think it comes partially from the breakdown in our social/moral/spiritual fabric. We are not as close as we once were. We don’t engage ourselves in the lives of others. Not sure what the solution is, only that pharmaceuticals are not the answer, only a band aid, and a very dangerous one at that. We need to be more aware and sensitive to the suffering around us. But it’s not always easy. People have become very good at masking their true feelings, maybe for fear of appearing weak instead of asking for help.


House-sitting Diva

Christy Wiseman

Can’t wait until November 16th when this interesting topic is addressed in what will no doubt be fascinating detail by someone who has had extensive adventures in house-sitting. Kelly has the flexibility, intelligence and engaging personality to make this book a welcome read for anyone interested in learning the ins and outs of successful house-sitting.


The Theft Of History

Alexander Maidan

Stealing and appropriating the culture and history of indigenous peoples is a typical characteristic of all modern colonial-settler states, but usually accomplished once the indigenous people in question have been eliminated, dispossessed, or otherwise seemingly defeated therefore making it safe to do so. The chief focused eraser of Middle East history is, of course, Israel. Their special interest in archaeological cleansing is the fact that their claim to Palestine is not merely tenuous, but utterly fraudulent.


Bip Attends A Dinner Party

Gabrielle Blair

How well you have brought to life this great mime artist, a performer of no words, but who in real life was a delightful human being of many other talents, not least of which was a sense of humor. I saw him perform many times in South Africa, but never knew anything about the man off-stage. My own training in mime was in Toronto with a German teacher from the Mary Wigman Company in Berlin. Til Thiele had herself trained with Etienne Decroux, one of Marceau’s Paris teachers who had also trained the consummate mime artist Jean-Louis Barrault.


I Can See Russia From My Stateroom

Gabrielle Blair

You have captured the magic that is St. Petersburg and it is such a delight to read an appreciation of Russia after the endless bad press this great country has been receiving, with the return of the Cold War mentality. Your description of the church also gives a thumbnail sketch of how the Orthodox Church, the monks and the believers suffered during the Bolshevik period and for decades afterwards, at a time when so many magnificent religious edifices were trashed and that have now been restored to their original splendor.


Willow, Weep Not For Me

Mary Jadwisiak

I am so glad you were able to absorb the healing my humble home could offer.


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