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Special Thanks to Abby Rivera, John Ward, Khristine Molly and Mark Sconce for providing the outstanding entertainment, and also to Roberto Ortiz for his superb musical stylings. The latest luncheon which drew well over one hundred people was one of our best ever.

To our winners—heartiest congratulations, and to the other nominees, we send along our thanks and say to them: Wait’ll Next Year!


1. Albert’s Hat

By Rachel McMillen, Nov. 18

2. The Door to Nowhere

By Katina Pontikes, Nov. 18

3. Poetic

By Margaret Porter, Feb. 19

4. A Ride Home

By Stuti Patel, Aug. 19

5. A Misunderstanding

Mel Goldberg, Mar 19

6. A Secret Within A Secret

By Rob Mohr, Apr. 19

7. Blind Spot

By Antonio Rambles, Apr 19


Rachel McMillen

stuti patel

Stuti Patel


1. Trail of Tears

By Robert Taylor, Oct. 18

2. The Cheerleader Who Founded GDL

By Herbert Piekow, Oct. 18

3. The Jew’s Betrayal

By Herbert Piekow, Nov. 18

4. Canada’s Gifts to the Cinema

By Paul Jackson, Oct 18

5. Maize-Gift of the Gods

By Nancy Wolfe, June 19


Herbert Piekow


1. Magic Mushrooms

By Margie Keane, Oct. 18

2. Cuca—The Cockroach

By Sydney Gay, Oct. 18

3. All I Want for Christmas

By Carol Bowman, Dec. 18

4. Moving to Ecuador   

By Neil McKinnon, May 19

5. It’s Not What You Know But . . .         

By Tom Nussbaum, June 19

Tom Nussbaum

Tom Nussbaum


1. Stardust Falls on Lakeside

By John Ward, June 19

2. Liz White—An Appreciation

By Fred Koesling, By Dec. 18

3. Art Hess—The Dog Guy

By Kay Davis, Mar. 19

4. Brad Gorman/Bucket List

By Rosemary Grayson, Dec. 18

5. Babe Ruth Was Human

By Rick Wallace, April 19

John Ward

John Ward


 Rosemary Grayson


1. Be Home When Street Lights Go On

By Marilyn Armstrong, July 19

2. Forgiving Bad Habits

By Katie B. Goode, Mar. 19

3. Life Ongoing

Christy Wiseman, Nov. 18

4. Mystical Episode at Lourdes

By Dr. Lorin Swinehart, Nov. 18               

5. The Wilde Midwest

By Mark Sconce, July 19

6. Bookends of Redemption

By Carol Bowman, Aug. 19

7. Cancer Can’t Take My Smile

By Brooke Gardner, July 19

Brooke Gardner
Brooke Gardner


1. Selma

By Tod Johnson, April 19

2. Random Acts of Kindness

By Margaret Van Every, Nov. 18

3. Shattered Illusions    

By Dr. Michael Hogan, Oct. 18

4. Fahrenheit 451

By Henri Loridans, May 19

5. Mexican Days

By Harriet Hart, Oct.18

Dr. Michael Hogan

Dr. Michael Hogan


1. The Way I Do Not Love You

By Judy Dykstra-Brown, Feb.18

2. The Torn Flag

By Gabrielle Blair, Feb. 19

3. I Want to Wake Up Dead

By Sue Greenberg, Feb. 19

4. The Mexican Smile

By Gabrielle Blair, Mar. 19

5. Escondido

Steve Hluchan, Jan. 19

Gabrielle Blair

Gabrielle Blair


1. If Our Pets Could Talk

By Jackie Kellum

2. The Ghosts Among Us

By Fred Mittag

3. Life Askew  

By Julia Galosy

4. Profiling Tepehua

By Moonyeen King

5. Ramblings from the Ranch

Christina Bennett

Christina Bennett

Christina Bennett


Jackie Kellum

Janice Kimble

Ed Tasca

Victoria Schmidt

Fred Mittag

Victoria Schmidt

Victoria Schmidt


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